Submitting Articles

Feature stories usually take the form of a case history involving a project that used a company's product or service, an overview of a certain activity or technology, or a discussion of a trend.

Our Writer’s Guidelines:

  1. Your submission must be an exclusive: we publish stories that have not been offered to another national geospatial magazine.
  2. Length: 1500-2000 words for features, 1000-1200 words for columns, as a rough guide.
  3. We always need images to go with an article.
    1. Photos should be high resolution (300 dpi) and large physically. We cannot accept images downloaded from the web, taken with a phone, or embedded in MS Word documents.
    1. Describe them all. When you’re sending several images, indicate which you would prefer us to use if we can’t fit all of them in the article.
    1. We do look for possible cover photos. They need to be a minimum 8.5"x11" in addition to high res.
  4. Do not include heavy-handed testimonials or advertising hype.
  5. When possible, write in the first person and describe the experience.
  6. Include a title, a byline, and a brief bio of the author.
  7. The author is fully responsible for identifying and obtaining publishing permissions for all information and images in the article.
  8. Upon acceptance, if you'd like extra copies of the magazine in which your article will appear, please send that request to us then. 
For details, email Shelly Cox or call 301-682-6101 and ask for her.
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