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"Lasting Impressions" — Rhonda L. Rushing

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192 pgs, HC, 82 Full Page Full Color Photographs
Surveyors everywhere know Berntsen for the company's survey markers and monuments. In itself, a monument is a ubiquitous piece of metal, concrete, stone, or whatever material happens to be available at the time, but Lasting Impressions goes far beyond that to tell intriguing stories of surveying. Gathered from Berntsen's years in the business, some involve the usual types of monuments surveyors deal with on land every day, but others go to exotic locales. From the frozen tundra of Alaska to inside caves to underwater, the book ranges far and wide in detailing some of the more complex and demanding surveying situations. Rhonda Rushing, president of the company, compiled the information with the help of contributors involved in the individual surveys, and in so doing, she delves into history and personal backgrounds. She views it as telling the story of America's history through the eyes of surveyors. The colorful photographs and concise text make this an ideal coffee table book sure to entertain and inform many surveyors and laypeople alike.
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