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Optech is the world leader in the development, manufacture, and support of advanced lidar and imaging-based survey instruments.

Company History

Optech is the world leader in the development, manufacture, and support of advanced lidar and imaging-based survey instruments. Optech offers both standalone and fully integrated lidar and camera solutions in airborne terrestrial mapping, airborne laser bathymetry, mobile mapping, mine cavity monitoring, and industrial process control, as well as space-proven sensors.

Optech lidar sensors operate in environments ranging from under the Earth to land, sea, air, and beyond—into space. NASA included an Optech lidar sensor on its Phoenix Mars Lander; data from the sensor played a key role in discovering frozen water on the Martian surface.

Optech’s Lynx Mobile Mapper™ generates rich survey-grade lidar and image data from moving vehicles—at highway speeds. At the forefront of technology, Lynx integrates the latest innovation in lidar sensors with multiple perspective lidar imaging and best-in-class imaging, navigation, product warranty, and support.

Optech’s ILRIS terrestrial laser scanner is a fully portable, laser-based ranging and imaging system for the commercial survey, engineering, mining, and industrial markets. The ILRIS-LR (long-range) model delivers the ultimate solution for mining applications such as volume calculations, slope analysis, change detection, rock-fall analysis, discontinuity data collection, and more.

Developed for underground mining environments, the CMS cavity monitoring system delivers a fast, accurate, 3D surveying solution. The CMS collects thousands of accurately located points that are used to determine a cavity's size, orientation, and volume and to create detailed engineering drawings.

Optech developed the world's first commercially available airborne laser terrain mapper, now known throughout the world as ALTM™. Available in both application- and platform-dependent configurations, Optech ALTMs offer the greatest flexibility and efficiency available to the professional surveyor today. Whether it is a high-altitude wide-area mapping project, a low-altitude power line survey, or a small payload, low-power platform requirement, ALTM delivers complete data collection solutions for a full range of application and installation scenarios.

Recognizing the growing importance of digital cameras in lidar surveying, Optech has strategically acquired two independent manufacturers of state-of-the-art digital cameras within the past year. Optech's president Don Carswell says, "These acquisitions align with our focus on extending our customer-oriented products and support; and we believe that all of Optech’s clients will appreciate the benefits of having a single provider that meets their needs for integrated active and passive imaging instruments and solutions.

Product Highlights, 2012

  • Optech LMS lidar mapping suite features an all-new workflow designed specifically for the production environment. It enables simultaneous processing of multi-mission data collects and includes multithreaded and distributed processing capabilities to further increase processing efficiency.
  • Optech VR is a full-featured, production-oriented software toolset for extracting information from lidar and photogrammetric data. Developed by photogrammetry professionals, this new software solution further enhances Optech’s line of imaging products, which includes new multispectral and interline frame cameras.
  • Real-Time Point Cloud (RTPC) interface is a new feature delivered with the Lynx Mobile MapperTM M1. During data collection, RTPC displays real-time 3D point cloud XYZi data. The point cloud display can be rotated and fixed for the viewing perspective, zoomed, and adjusted for the intensity scaling range.
  • Optech FMS provides complete pre-mission and in-air flight planning, multiple sensor system control and monitoring, and navigation—all in a reliable and easy-to-use package. New features include enhanced DEM processing and multiple simultaneous camera control.

Resources and tools available on our website

Optech is now broadcasting on its own YouTube channel, OptechGlobal (http://www.youtube.com/OptechGlobal). OptechGlobal showcases Optech products and their applications, as well as intriguing examples of data products, workflows, and, most importantly, success stories from Optech clients and end-users.



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