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Cardinal Systems, LLC, offers a variety of software modules for the many professions in the mapping community and is the result of over 20 years of development.  Its flagship program, VrOne®, is a powerful mapping-vector collection and editing system with digital terrain modeling, batch processing, image handling, data translations, and application overlaying.

Other features are on-demand autocorrelation, DTM processing, and image manipulation such as sampling, tonal balancing, splicing, feathering, simple rectification, and orthophoto generation.

VrLiDAR is Cardinal Systems’ newest product and integrates lidar into the time-tested Vr Mapping software packages VrOne and VrTwo.  This package allows the display and editing of lidar point data in 2D and in true three-dimensional stereo.  The four configurations available for lidar enable vector entities to be collected and editing using the extensive VrOne/VrTwo mapping tools, which include over 200 commands and 140 mapping applications.  With the 3D ViewPoint environment, this vector data can be collected and edited over raw point clouds.

Not only do mapping professionals now need the ability to collect three dimensional vector data from traditional photogrammetric sources such as aerial and close range photography, but there is also a growing demand to collect the same vector data from lidar in the form of points over photographic stereo images and from point clouds without any photography. The Vr Mapping software offers this flexibility.

Based in Flagler Beach, Florida, Cardinal continues to expand and enhance its suite of programs that interact and perform numerous software functions required in the surveying, engineering, and mapping industry.  Our products currently include VrOne, VrTwo, VrLiDAR, VrOrtho, VrMosaic, VrBalance, VrAirTrig, VrAdjust, VrVolumes, and VrLite. 

We offer in-depth comprehensive training in your offices or at our training facility in Florida and provide prompt, thorough support services.  For more information, please visit our webpage at www.cardinalsystems.net.

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