senseFly announces the eBee RTK mapping drone

Product description
The eBee RTK by senseFly is a fully autonomous survey-grade mapping drone (or UAV/UAS). It features a built-in L1/L2 GNSS receiver and is capable of receiving corrections from most leading brands of base station via its supplied eMotion 2 flight control software and ground modem. This ensures the high positional accuracy of the drone’s images without the need for Ground Control Points (GCPs).
The eBee RTK is sold as a standalone solution - comprising the drone itself, eMotion 2 flight planning & control software, and Postflight Terra 3D photogrammetry software (powered by Pix4D). No extra base station purchase is necessary and no additional logger or third-party software are required.

3 ways to work with the eBee RTK

1. Real Time Kinematic
·         Place your base station on a known position
·         Correction data is streamed to the drone via its eMotion flight control software and ground modem (see graphic on previous page)
2. Virtual base station
·         Configure the drone’s eMotion software to receive VRS/Ntrip correction data (internet connection & VRS/Ntrip subscription required)
·         Creates a virtual base station location
·         Correction data is streamed to the drone via its eMotion flight control software and ground modem
3. Post processing
·         Position your base station in a convenient on-site location
·         Its coordinates are set automatically in eMotion 2
·         The base station streams correction data to the drone via eMotion and the ground modem (see graphic on previous page)
·         Post-flight, geotag images with correction data either on-site (requires internet access) or in the office later

Key features
·         Survey-grade accuracy
Absolute orthomosaic / Digital Elevation Model accuracy of down to 3 cm (1.2 in) without the need for GCPs – for less time spent in the field and high precision even in inaccessible areas.
·         Fully integrated workflow
The eBee RTK’s flight planning and control software (eMotion 2) connects to the base station and broadcasts correction data to the rover (eBee RTK) - no additional logger or third-party software required. This software can also be used to apply corrections later via post-processing.
·         Base station compatible
The eBee RTK is compatible with most leading brands of base station, working seamlessly alongside your existing portfolio of instruments.
·         Autonomous
The eBee RTK flies, acquires images and lands itself.
·         Lightweight

The eBee RTK weighs just 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs) –  minimising its power usage (optimizing its flight time) and ensuring the safety of people and objects on the ground.

Technical specifications: GPS
·         Number of channels: 226
·         Signal tracked
o    GPS: L1, L2, L2C

·         Onboard RTK correction: 20 Hz
·         Upstream correction: 1 Hz
·         Geotag accuracy (typical)

Standalone: H: 1.2m, V: 1.8m
RTK, relative to base station: H:15mm, V: 20mm

Acquisition time

Hot start: <10s
Warm start: <35s
Cold start: <60s
Reacquisition: <1s
Technical specifications: drone
·         Weight (inc. camera & battery): 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)
·         Wingspan: 96 cm (38 in)
·         Material: EPP foam, carbon structure & composite parts
·         Propulsion: electric pusher propeller, brushless 160 W motor
·         Battery: 11.1 V, 2100 mAh
·         Camera (default): adapted 16 MP still camera
·         Carry case dimensions: 55 x 45 x 25 cm (21.6 x 17.7 x 9.8 in)
·         Maximum coverage (single flight): 10 km2 (3.9 mi2)
·         Maximum flight time: 40 minutes
·         Cruising speed: 36-57 km/h (10-16 m/s)
·         Radio link range: up to 3 km (1.86 miles)
·         Ground sampling distance (GSD): down to 2 cm (0.78 in)
·         Orthomosaic accuracy: down to 3 cm (1.18 in)
·         Digital Elevation Model (DEM) accuracy: down to 5 cm (1.96 in)
·         Multi-drone operation possible (inc. mid-air collision avoidance)
·         3D flight planning
·         Compatible with Topcon, Trimble & Leica base stations
·         Compatible with VRS & Ntrip networks

In the box
·         eBee RTK foam body (inc. all electronics & built-in autopilot)          
·         Pair of detachable foam wings
·         16 MP still camera
·         2.4 GHz USB radio modem for data link (inc. USB cable)
·         Two Lithium-Polymer battery packs & charger
·         Spare propeller
·         Carry case with foam protection
·         Remote control & accessories (for safety pilots)
·         User manual
·         Fully featured software included

·         1-year limited

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