HYPACK Inc. announces the release of a new ANCHOR HANDLING Routine for the Offshore Construction Market.
As a world leader in hydrographic and survey software, HYPACK, Inc has used its significant in-house expertise and input from a world leading Survey Company, to design and develop the new ANCHOR HANDLING Routine. 

The new ANCHOR HANDLING routine allows both rig and anchor handling vessels (tugs) operators to graphically display the status and location of anchors and their cables, track their movement and deployment, and send the anchor locations to the anchor handling vessel operators.
The new ANCHOR HANDLING is ideal for offshore construction applications where anchor handling is one of the most demanding and inherently dangerous tasks performed. Moving the rig into the location before and after drilling can also be a substantial cost item. The new ANCHOR HANDLING routine will help improve the efficiency and safety of the operation.
 In the graphic above, you can find:
  • Deployed anchors: Right-side up anchor symbols with solid lines to attachment points.
  • Raised anchors: Upside-down anchor symbols at attachment points.
  • Planned anchor drop points: Upside down anchors in red circles with dashed lines back to attachment points.
Anchors can also be transferred to support vessels (tug in this case) and then dropped at any point.  The program also creates a text file that provides details on the position of the anchor and the attachment point coordinates when it is raised and dropped in order to construct anchor “sweep” diagrams.
This new ANCHOR HANDLING Routine will be a standard tool in HYPACK® and it will be available for download from our website. The upgrade to the HYPACK ® 2014 release is provided free of charge to all HYPACK ® users subscribed to our Maintenance Plan.

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