Hexagon Metrology Releases Miniature Infrared Touch Probe for Micro-machining Applications

IRP40.50 Designed for Precise Probing in Tight Spaces

Hexagon Metrology announced the availability of the m&h IRP40.50 infrared
touch probe for the North American market. The IRP40.50 is ideal for
inspection in tight spaces, and was designed to address the needs of
miniature machining centers. The m&h IRP40.50 is the world's smallest
self-contained wireless CNC probe with a diameter of 25 millimeters, a
length of 44.2 millimeters without shank and stylus, and a probing
force of 0.7N (XY). The probe's small dimensions enable measurement of
small and delicate workpieces. With the shank and stylus included, the
IRP40.50 is slightly larger than a standard USB stick. Typical
applications for the probe include micro-manufacturing in the firearms,
medical, dental, additive manufacturing and electronic industries or
any manufacturing which involves small parts with complex geometries
and tight tolerances.

Small parts with tight tolerances are very difficult, if not
impossible, to measure because there is little room in the Z-axis
direction and the tool magazine. The IRP40.50 eliminates this concern
and leaves enough room to measure in the Z-axis without the danger of
collision. The stylus threading is M2 but allows fast probe cycles at
speeds up to 2,000mm/min.

"The IRP40.50 works with PC-DMIS NC-Gage v2.1, the revolutionary
software that simplifies CNC probe operations into simple,
user-friendly instructions that any operator can understand. The probe
was designed to inspect and correct the machining process before a bad
part can be made," states Adrian Johnson, Business Manager of
In-process Inspection, "The IRP40.50 is able to inspect parts that were
once considered too difficult or too small to inspect on machine tools.
The miniature touch probe enables in-process measurement to drastically
reduce scrap and rework."

Even with its small profile, the IRP40.50 has proven high data rate
(HDR) infrared transmission. This feature guarantees that only the
system's own signals are processed, and disturbances caused by
extraneous light are ignored. Newly developed electronics in this
mini-probe enables them to use less energy, providing 400 hours of
continuous run time. This results in the longest battery life in the

For more information about the IRP40.50 visit www.HexMet.us/IRP

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