New York Wheel Not Possible without Land Surveyors

Thirty-six capsules, each carrying up to 40 passengers attached to a 625-foot Observation Wheel will be offering unparalleled and captivating views of the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor and the Manhattan Skyline.  This entrancing attraction, The New York Wheel, would not be able to stand to such heights without the services of Control Point Associates, Inc. 

            Control Point Associates, Inc., a land surveying company built around the motto “traditional methods, modern approaches,” partnered with Richard Marin, president & CEO of New York Wheel LLC., to aid in the construction of the attraction.  

“Richard contacted us at Control Point to establish a Metes and Bounds survey of the property,” Gregory Sawulski, project manager at Control Point Associates, Inc. said. “There was no establishment of boundaries before we were hired.  Limited information from the city and public records has made this project very challenging.”

In 2008, the Richmond County Bank Ballpark, was constructed on the same lot as the projected wheel, but no survey records were ever produced.

 “This has been a challenging project in many ways,” Marin said, “but a threshold issue was that despite the existence of the stadium in the middle of the parcel, there were no surveys or even metes and bounds available to us for our lot or adjacent areas.”

            The land in which the wheel is proposed to be constructed is owned by the city and contains many complicated easements and other building restrictions.  Control Point Associates, Inc. had to work closely with Metropolitan Transportation Authority to create an easement with vertical limits in order for the wheel to have direct access from Richmond Terrace.  Control Point was able to capture this information by utilizing conventional surveying methods, in addition to 3D laser scanning in order to provide innovative solutions for the project.

“Regardless of how complicated, we know we can provide Richard with all of the data his team will need to keep this project on track,” Sawulski said. 

 “Due to our very tight timeframe and with pending change of city administration, Control Point was invaluable to us in sorting all of this out on a complicated City-owned lot with significant easement and other complications,” Marin said, “Control Point always came through for us exactly when needed.”

            “To be on Richard’s team for such a monumental project that will ultimately change the landscape of New York City and bring tourism and opportunity to the Borough of Staten Island has been an honor for Control Point,” Sawulski said, “We are looking forward to working with Richard and his team to see this move through city approvals, construction and ultimately the unveiling of the world’s largest observation wheel.”
Construction of the New York Wheel is expected to begin in 2014, with the target opening date of Labor Day, 2016.  The New York Wheel is expected to welcome as many as 30,000 visitors each day, and a projected 4 million visitors per year.

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