Camera System Captures Nadir and Oblique Views on One Pass

Simplex Mapping Solutions has introduced its new CaMundo camera system, an innovative miniature collection system that implements an advanced technology concept. The system weights 6kg and is able to collect up to 146mp across track and 24,400 unique pixels across track. The system can to be installed on almost any light aircraft, even with no shooting hole, as well as helicopters and medium-size UAVs, and was built specifically to execute 3D oblique projects and high-resolution orthophoto projects.

The CaMundo camera system is compatible with almost any light aircraft, helicopters and medium-size UAS systems and enables nadir and oblique views in one pass, providing up to 3cm GSD nadir ortho and up to 5cm GSD oblique views. According to Simplex Mapping Solutions, the CaMundo system guarantees 50% reduction in flight hours compared to other medium-frame camera systems.
Based in Israel, Simplex Mapping Solutions has developed an innovative aerial collection system and photogrammetric tools to enable the highest quality and most cost-effective mapping services. The company is led by an experienced team, with top scientists in the field of image processing and remote sensing. The company is engaged in projects around the globe including in countries in South America, the Middle East and Africa. 
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