Lead'Air is now leasing & renting the MIDAS oblique camera system

The Lead’Air MIDAS five camera oblique imagery acquisition system is now available for rental or lease in most countries. This means that aerial surveyors can take on oblique imaging work without the need to purchase an oblique camera system outright. Instead they can rent or lease the latest, state of the art, MIDAS system for a specific project and return when it is complete. What is more, if they rent any system for 10 months within any 36 months, they then own the unit. 
 Clients will now be able to lease the latest state of the art MIDAS system featuring:
  • Five photogrammetrically calibrated, 37 megapixel, Nikon D800e cameras in 45° oblique and nadir array.
  • Zeiss lens set with 85mm and 50mm focal lengths with UV filtering.
  • Stabilized mount featuring  +/- 15 degrees of pitch and roll  and +/- 30 degrees of drift compensation.
  • Integrated complete Track’Air flight management software suite.
  • Fully automated image storage and management.
  • Integrated Applanix AP40 GNSS FMU-200 GNSS-Inertial system with worldwide exportability.
  • Complete set of carefully selected spare parts.
  • Onsite training and white glove installation service of fully bore-sighted, ready to fly system.
Systems are currently being delivered with the following terms:
  • System can be delivered within 2 weeks of order.
  • Minimum initial rental period of 3 months.
  • Payment for initial rental period due on order.
  • Rental period can be extended month by month thereafter.
  • Prices starting at $52,280/month for USA and $54,280/month for International deployments.
Clients can roll their lease payments into a purchase with the Lease to Own Option:
  • Simply rent the system for a total of 10 months within 36 months.
  • OR pay the difference to the list price at any time within 36 months.
Example ownership plan:
2013: Rent for 3 months.  2014: Rent for 3 months. 2015: Rent for 3 months + Pay 1 month’s rent.  And it is Owned.

Please contact us today to learn more about the MIDAS and the Lead’Air Lease Program.


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