Merrick Announces Business Partnership with Euclideon

Merrick &Company’s ( Solutions (GSS) groupis pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Euclideon ( to distribute the Geoverse software product line.Geoverse software features Euclideon’s revolutionary Unlimited Detail technology, which instantly provides data visualization access to 3D point cloud datasets at full resolution, no matter the size or density.

Euclideon’sGeoverse software can access and displayan unlimited amount of laser scan, image derived, or any other 3D point cloud data on ordinary desktop PCs at real time navigational speeds of 30 frames per second. Powered by Unlimited Detail, this breakthrough technology allows geospatial users to manage massive point cloud datasets (tested in the trillions of points) used to support enterprise-wide operations within the transportation, utility, energy, government and defense markets.This “Big Data” access is provided locally, within a network, or streamed efficiently over the internet. 

Merrick will provideGeoverse software distributionand consultancy serviceswithinthe United States and Latin America forEuclideon’sGeoverse Massive Data Manager (MDM), Geoverse Convert, and the Unlimited Detail software development kit (SDK).
Matt Bethel, GISP, Merrick’s Geospatial Director of Technology stated, “Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail technology offers anovel approach to 3D point cloud data management, visualization, and dissemination that the geospatial industry has never before experienced.   This disruptive technology overcomes the size and density restrictions that have always limited the use efficiencies and new application growth of the 3D market.”To learn more about Euclideon’sGeoverse software offering, please watch the video on the following page: 

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