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New Name Reflects Limitless Opportunities for Open Source Geospatial SoftwareNEW 

OpenGeo, the long time leader in open source geospatial software, has changed its name to  Boundless, creating a new corporate brand to better reflect the growing range of platforms, applications, and services the company develops and sells.

The new name marks a push by Boundless into new technologies, including geospatial web services monitoring with  Mapmeter, desktop software with  QGIS, growing capabilities in cloud and mobile platforms, and expanded work in data editing workflows. Boundless is the first sustainable, open source alternative to proprietary systems that currently dominate the geospatial market.

"We are the same company our customers have known for many years, with the same commitment to open source they and the open source community expect from us," said Eddie Pickle, Boundless CEO. "However, we've known for some time that there was a conflict with other companies using the OpenGeo name, so this is the perfect time to change our corporate brand, especially with the momentum behind the company and the evolution from traditional GIS to Spatial IT. "

Similar to the impact of Linux in the operating system market, the innovation, quality, and power of software created in an open manner is revolutionizing the geospatial field with applications of greater scale and speed at lower costs. Under the new corporate umbrella, Boundless will work to improve upon the business models pioneered by companies like Red Hat by expanding their core offerings to address the specific needs of customers who require enterprise-class features and services.

Boundless was  spun out of its longtime incubator, OpenPlans, in April 2013 and has sold much of its company stock to its employees. The company is backed by a  Series A investment from Vanedge Capital of Vancouver, BC. Most recently, it entered into a strategic investment and technology  development agreement with In-Q-Tel, the independent strategic investment firm that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Along with the corporate rebranding, Boundless announced a public beta release of OpenGeo Suite 4.0 and the official release of Mapmeter, a management and analytics tool for monitoring the health of production geospatial deployments.

OpenGeo Suite powers web, mobile, and desktop applications across the enterprise. Built on leading open source software – including PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache, OpenLayers – OpenGeo Suite optimizes standards-based technology for organizations large and small. OpenGeo Suite 4.0 brings many new features and improvements, including the adoption of GeoServer 2.3. PostGIS 2.2, QGIS support, and seamless integration with Mapmeter.  These improvements greatly expand the capabilities of OpenGeo Suite, enabling enterprises to replace legacy software with a modern web-based open source stack and gain insight into their production environments.
OpenGeo Suite 4.0 lowers the cost of open source software for enterprises by improving flexibility, eliminating vendor lock-in, and avoiding costly in-house maintenance. With the option of commercially supported open source software, enterprises are now able to substitute expensive proprietary closed source options, or inter-operate with them, without vendor lock-in or software license fees. Boundless offers maintenance agreements to OpenGeo Suite customers, which include support, training and other professional services.

With the addition of Mapmeter, OpenGeo Suite enables administrators and developers to gain previously unattainable levels of insight into the health of production deployments. Mapmeter enables geospatial applications to be optimized during development, and diagnose critical issues from a single console. "Managing geospatial services is no easy task," said Juan Marin, Boundless CTO. "Many systems administrators are unable to easily obtain critical information about the health of their deployments. With Mapmeter and OpenGeo Suite, spatial monitoring and reporting become one piece in a complete IT workflow."

Mapmeter provides access to real time performance metrics allowing stakeholders to make better, more informed decisions on service deployments, resulting in reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs and proactive resolution of issues. Mapmeter is optimized to work with OpenGeo Suite 4.0.

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