SuperSurv 3.1a, the Latest GIS App for Android Devices Launched Globally

SuperSurv 3.1a, the Latest GIS App for Android Devices Launched Globally
SuperSurv 3 is the unique mobile GIS for offline data editing with Android devices

SupergeoTechnologies, a leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions,announced that SuperSurv 3.1a,the mobile GIS application for Android platform, is officially launched tooffer complete data collection and editing functions.

SuperSurv isthe mobile GIS app specially designed for field tasks working withAndroid-powered devices, to collect data with GPS, display/overlay maps, andposition current area for easy survey. Point, line and polygon data can all becollected and saved in common vector data formats (SHP and GEO). Offline dataediting is supported smoothly too.

New features ofSuperSurv 3.1ainclude the connection with SuperGIS Server 3.1a, Online Map Tool, multi-lingual support etc.Users can load the maps published by SuperGIS Server 3.1a through the Internet while conducting fieldsurveys. The collected spatial and attribute data can be submitted to theserver for updating and sharing data in real time.

In addition,Online Map Tool built in SuperSurv 3.1acan be applied to use OpenStreetMap as the basemap during survey. Field workerscan have intuitive manipulation with free map resources. The user interface ofSuperSurv 3.1ais available in multiple languages, including English, Italian, French, Spanish,Chinese etc., for a friendly operation environment.

On the otherhand, Supergeo plans to release SuperSurv for iOS in Q4 2013. Users are able toaccomplish data collection tasks by using GIS and GPS functions on iPad oriPhone.

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