Spring Dam to Keep Flood Water Separate

Adjacent to the river Ettrick Water near Selkirk, Scottish Water owns and operates an extraction (from boreholes) and purification plant. This provides the fresh water supply to the town.
From past experience and in order to avoid the plant being flooded in the future, a perimeter wall has been installed. In order to allow vehicle access to the plant, two openings in the wall are required. The flood protection at these access points is provided by two Spring Dam® in situ demountable systems. Each opening has two Spring Dam® units with an overall total of 13.5 metres. The flood depth allowed for is 0.8 metres.
The total time taken to mobilise the two locations is in the order of less than 15 minutes, with similar duration for demobilisation plus time for any potential clean up required from flood related debris which might arise.
Scottish Water personnel at the plant have expressed enthusiasm for the Spring Dam® system including the ease of operation.

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