Rugged modem provides connectivity to Topcon's Sitelink3D network

Machines equipped with a Topcon 3D machine control system can be
included in Topcon’s Sitelink3D network, simply and quickly through the
SL-100 modem. is Topcon's new web portal that provides
real-time job site management, data control and system support for
general construction and engineering companies.  

The SL-100 modem supports GPRS, Edge and 3G cellular networks,
providing web portal access and Internet connectivity to the Sitelink3D
subscription web-based network.

Designed to easily connect to onboard Topcon 3D-MC systems through the
MC-R3 GNSS receiver box, installation can be made to existing machine
control systems or new Topcon 3D-MC systems can be ordered with the
modem pre-installed.  

Kris Maas, manager of 3D machine control product marketing, said, “The
SL-100 is a compact, construction-tough communications gateway.  All job
data, production data, communication to and from the office, machines
and surveyors – are possible with Sitelink3D and with the SL-100, we are
making it simple to put it to work on Topcon 3D machine control systems
anywhere in the world.”

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