NSPS Cosigns Letters Urging Congress to Support the President’s FY2014 NOAA Budget Request

Earlier this year, NSPS joined over 100 cosigners to letters to Congressional Appropriators urging to fully fund or go above the President’s blueprint for NOAA funding. In the letter, the cosigners wrote, “We strongly support funding for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration at or above the President’s Request of $5.4 billion in FY14.” The NOAA budget is important to professional surveyors for the GRAVD program to hydrographic surveying and associated activities as needed to satisfy the myriad of NOAA’s missions.  In conclusion, the letter stated, “Congress must maintain balanced investments across NOAA’s missions – Americans shouldn’t have to choose between weather satellites and ocean and coastal resources that support and protect our coastal economies and communities.” 



New York (2) – AB 7486/SB 4827 – Amends the definition of land surveying to include the making of measurements utilizing the science of photogrammetry, defined as the science or art of obtaining reliable measurements through the use of aerial photography and/or other active or passive sensor-based remote sensing technologies;


AB 4753/SB 3810 - Establishes the profession of geology; Authorizes geologists to engage in professional business enterprises with engineers, land surveyors, architects and landscape architects;


Ohio (1) – AB 202/SB 154 – Defines the practice of surveying to mean any professional service that requires the application of special knowledge of the principles of mathematics, the related physical and applied sciences, and the relevant requirements of law for the adequate performance of the art of surveying, including, but not limited to, measuring the area or the contours of any portion of the earth's surface, the lengths and directions of the bounding lines, and the contour of the surface, for their correct determination and description and for conveyancing for recording, or for the establishment or re-establishment of land boundaries and the platting of lands and subdivisions; and like measurements and operations involved in the surveying of mines, commonly known as "mine surveying";


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