SDI & SIM 2013 International Conference

SDI & SIM 2013 International Conference
SDI & SIM 2013

This year, the Annual FIG Commission 3 Workshop and Meeting is joined by the 'FIG Task Force on Property and Housing' (FIG-TF-PH) and the 'South-East European Research Association on Geo-Sciences' (Geo-SEE) to form the first International Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) and Spatial Information Management (SIM).

The conference will be focused on the importance and usage of SDIs and SIM on local, national and regional level, with association to global initiatives. Targeting the process of spatial data sharing through the Internet, as a tool for faster, easier and simpler access to spatial data by all stakeholders, customers and clients; the implementation of International-Global and European criteria for organizing digital spatial data; the impact of spatial information on all application fields; cooperation between stakeholders, such as state institutions responsible for collecting, structuring, archiving, updating and analyzing spatial data, according to their legal mission and obligation.

Contact Information:

Bashkim Idrizi

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