Z/I Imaging introduces innovative PureColor Technology in PPSv6.6

Z/I Imaging is pleased to announce a new release of its Z/I Sensor software PPS V 6.6, which will introduce the innovative PureColor Technology. As part of a broader focus on radiometric enhancements and simplified processing, PureColor Technology will boost the dynamic range of the output image and protects all information collected even in high illuminated and shadow areas. In addition, the new PPS V 6.6 will reduce the time needed for manual adjustments and will provide a significant higher automation level for post processing parameter settings.
To address customer’s requirements for very large mapping projects radiometric characteristics for all Z/I DMC and Z/I DMC II cameras have been standardized. This will allow customers to fly large projects with multiple cameras, with the radiometric output being normalized automatically.
Additional features and enhancements included with this release are:
• New PureColor Technology providing increased dynamic range and protects image information, even in high illuminated or dark shadow areas
• Automated color balance: high automated color balancing for perfect radiometric image quality to save labor time and reduce manual user interaction. This feature requires an absolute radiometric calibration.
• Atmospheric correction: new atmospheric correction model implemented to reduce haze and dust
geographic coordinates required for correct application, data typically part of the flight plan

To address the request for faster image post processing, customers can now also take advantage of a 32 processing nodes software bundle. Existing Z/I PPS customers can upgrade to distributed processing at any time.

The new Z/I Sensor V 6.6 software release is compatible with Intergraph’s ImageStation 2013 software and ISAE Extended 3D point cloud generation using Semi Global Matching technology. Also the Tridicon 3D software suite for automatic city model generation is fully supported.

The Z/I PPS v6.6 is available with immediate effect, and is free of charge for customers with a valid software maintenance contract.

For more information and software download please visit:  www.ziimaging.com

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