New CYGNUS reflectorless total station introduced

Topcon Positioning Group announces a new2LS reflectorless total station – CYGNUS KS-102 – for the construction and builders market.  2LS is a Topcon brand.

“CYGNUS has exceptional quality, an affordable price and an array of extraordinary features,” said Ray Kerwin, director, global planning­–survey products.
“This new total station combines simplicity with ease-of-use,” he said, “to make any measurement and positioning job easier and more efficient.”
The total station has long-range reflectorless measurement capabilities, “ideal for measurements in hard to reach or congested locations,” Kerwin said. “Its built-in laser pointer makes it easy for the operator to know the exact point he is measuring, and is an added aid for alignment and layout work. It also has an industry-leading operation time, with a battery life of up to 23 hours of operation without recharging.”
Key features include:
  • 24,000-point memory.
  • 200m reflectorless measurement range.
  • 2-arc second angle accuracy.
  • 24-key alphanumeric pad.
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