A New Novel by E-File Writer Stephen Estopinal

Escape to New Orleans: A Novel from the de Melilla Chronicles
The year is 1778 and the English colonies of America are in revolt. France and Spain enter the conflict on the side of the rebels: the colonists who call themselves “Americans.”
Spain is determined to evict the British from the Mississippi Valley and the gulf coast. King Carlos III must raise an army, so soldiers and settlers are recruited from the Canary Islands.
Most join to escape poverty, drought and famine. But a few enlist for very different reasons.
Diego deMelilla is content living on the island of Gran Canaria when the beautiful Doña Maria Artiles is swept into his life, changing everything. Don Alguazil Cabitos, Maria’s spurned fiancé has vowed to take her back. Maria finds refuge with Diego and more than a simple sanctuary.
Thwarted for years, Cabitos is finally able to renew his pursuit and sends his killers for them both, but Spain is recruiting settlers for the new world providing Diego and Maria a way off of the island. They sign aboard a ship bound for New Orleans, hoping to elude Cabitos. Their escape is incomplete as the relentless Cabitos, intent upon revenge, follows them to New Orleans.

Author Stephen Estopinal grew up in the swamps and bayous of southeast Louisiana, an area heavily settled by Canary Islanders in 1778. Calling upon family oral history and extensive research, Estopinal has woven the experiences of the Canary Islanders, the Isleños, and their struggle for survival in Southeast Louisiana into the deMelilla Chronicles.

Escape to New Orleans is available in paperback or Kindle at Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. Other novels of the deMelilla Chronicles are: El Tigre de Nueva Orleáns (The Tiger of New Orleans), Incident at Blood River and Anna.
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