Spectra Precision's New ProMark 700 GNSS Receiver.

Spectra Precision Introduces ProMark 700 GNSS Network RTK Rover for Land Survey Applications

Spectra Precision introduced today the new ProMark 700 GNSS receiver to meet the evolving needs of the land survey market. The new ProMark 700 is an ideal RTK rover specifically designed for network RTK applications.

Weighing only 650 grams (1.4 pounds), the ProMark 700 is the lightest GNSS RTK smart antenna available on the market today. Its light weight, together with a very compact and slim design, makes the receiver portable and comfortable for field use. It features a long battery life (typically over 10 hours) for all-day operation without the need for battery recharging or replacement. With its rugged, waterproof design and a wide operating temperature range, the ProMark 700 can be used in harsh outdoor environments.

The new receiver is equipped with 220 dual-frequency and dual-constellation GNSS channels that allow tracking of all available L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS satellite signals. It provides all the necessary features for effective network RTK operations, without the unnecessary complexity of rarely-used modules or options.

In addition, the ProMark 700 has been designed as an intuitive, simple and easy-to-use receiver, where all operations are performed from the data collector. Due to their size and light weight, the perfect companions to ProMark 700 are the low-cost MM10 data collector or the new T41 data collector with a smart phone design.   

The ProMark 700 receiver can be used with Spectra Precision field software: either Survey Pro v5.2.1 or FAST Survey v3.1. Both field software applications provide a complete set of features that meet the demanding expectations of professional surveyors and are optimized for RTK network surveys.

“Surveying is hard, physical work, but the new ProMark 700 lightens the load through its unique ergonomics and rugged design. And with its powerful RTK capabilities, the ProMark 700 offers surveyors an ideal network RTK rover solution," said François Erceau, general manager of Trimble's Spectra Precision Surveying Business.

The ProMark 700 is expected to be available in early March 2013 through the Spectra Precision global dealer network. For more information visit: www.spectraprecision.com or email: sales@spectraprecision.com.

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