DGLogic announces plans to release DGLux 3.0

DGLogik Inc., the company which continues to push the boundaries of intuitive data visualization and creators of DGLux (DGLogik User Experience Platform) , announced plans to release DGLux 3.0.

The new release will focus on what matters most to the building automation industry, providing cutting-edge tools for integrators to drastically reduce engineering time for high-end visualization while empowering building owners, executives, facility managers and engineers to gain relevant insight into their buildings.

The ability to seamlessly connect to multiple building systems, and extract the relevant KPIs allows for making data-driven applications and dashboards creation easier than ever. In addition to the powerful customization capability, DGLux 3.0 adds deeper functionality for monitoring, analyzing, troubleshooting, and communicating building and energy management systems performance.

DGLux 3.0 will be the most intuitive and easy to use version of DGLux to date; while providing powerful new features that enable facility managers to better understand and communicate property performance, provide owners and executives with the information they need to better manage cost efficiency, and give integrators enhanced tools to create powerful and dynamic interfaces for keeping track of key performance indicators. The combined ease of use and new tools in DGLux 3.0 will help current and new DGlux users to be more effective at understanding organizational agility, plan for the future, and become more profitable.

"With thousands of buildings running DGLux, we get a lot of feedback from our customers," said Eugene Mazo, CEO of DGLogik Inc. "We used this feedback to help identify the key pain points of the industry and address them. This new release will make the process of creating and consuming customized, data-driven dashboards easier than ever."

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