Leica Geosystems Certifies LandMarker Geospatial as Repair Center

Leica Geosystems Certifies LandMarker Geospatial as Repair Center
LandMarker Geospatial, LLC, machine control specialists with offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, has been certified by Leica Geosystems as an authorized repair center for Leica Geosystems construction lasers. 

LandMarker Geospatial, LLC, a company specializing in all aspects of survey technology in heavy construction, has supplemented their construction instrument sales and service division by obtaining certification as an Authorized Repair Center for construction lasers manufactured by Leica Geosystems. LandMarker cofounder Joe Priestner, PE, PLS, says this is an important milestone for LandMarker; "We really want to be a turnkey provider in our niche, construction, and repairing Leica Geosystems equipment is really the last piece of the puzzle for us. Beginning with lasers, we plan to expand to GPS equipment, and eventually to all aspects of heavy construction instrumentation."

"Because they actually provide machine control services, machine control equipment, and consulting on construction projects around the world, LandMarker Geospatial, LLC was already a unique company in the machine control business." says Ron DeHays, Leica Geosystems US East Regional Manager, "Adding authorized repair capabilities makes them stand out even more. This is a fantastic development for the entire industry."

LandMarker was founded in late 2005 by Priestner and Thomas J. Frawley, PLS. "We were both working for another firm at the time," Priestner explains, "And we could see the potential for machine control and sophisticated technology to completely transform heavy construction. When we couldn't convince our then employers to make a serious commitment, we decided there was an opportunity for us." Their vision has been rewarded by rapid growth in a slow economy; LandMarker now has about 25 employees, including several licensed surveyors, working out of two offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, on machine control and monitoring projects in New York City and the Eastern United States, and farther afield in Africa, Hawaii, and Dubai.

Peter Priestner, Joe's brother, is in charge of of the new Repair Center. "It was a very thorough certification process," he says, "We spent a week in (Leica Geosystems US headquarters) Atlanta getting trained in laser repair and calibration, and it took months to convert bare warehouse space into a repair facility that met Leica Geosystems standards." The new 'clean room' is devoted exclusively to work on survey instruments made by Leica Geosystems. The new facility is dust free, humidity and temperature-controlled, and is designed to eliminate static electricity and electrostatic discharge“.

Peter Priestner expects the new facility to be busy, "We have a lot of customers using Leica Geosystems equipment every day, and we definitely want to be a full-service supplier for them," he says, "That aspect was actually more important than economic considerations for us—it's our unique difference as a vendor, together with our project experience. But, machine control is obviously a growing field and Leica Geosystems equipment is becoming a standard, so we think the sky is the limit on the amount of work we'll be doing here. And when we add GPS calibration and repair, we will cover about 90-percent of the equipment we sell."

"LandMarker is one of the most progressive companies in a fast moving industry," says DeHays. "Authorizing them as a repair center is a good move for them, for Leica Geosystems, and for Leica Geosystems’ customers”

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