They’re Back: LightSquared Tries New Route to Wireless Broadband, Later for Nearby GPS Band

Latest moves by FCC to support LightSquared ground-based system
Wants to share NOAA frequencies

With the election finally over, and the chain of decision makers now largely clear, the spectrum war between LightSquared and the GPS community is heating up again with new fronts opening at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Congress.
The focus of the action are changes to rules governing spectrum and receivers that, if enacted, could enable LightSquared to move forward with its plans for a high-powered, terrestrial broadband network.

On November 7 the Federal Communications Commission published a petition for a rulemaking that would give LightSquared co-primary status, that is, equal rights to share the spectrum from 1675-1680 MHz, frequencies now used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for transmissions from radiosondes that aid the agency in such things as weather forecasting and tracking hurricanes.
The firm, which says it will work to ensure government users do not encounter interference, already has the use of 1670-1675 though its subsidiary One Dot Six, Corporation — so approval would effectively give it 10 megahertz for the downlink for its proposed wireless broadband service.

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