State of the Art Digital Camera Used for Environmental Research

Applied Ecological Services, Inc., with Ayres Associates, has acquired an aerial camera that captures color and near-infrared (NIR) imagery. It will support a wide variety of groundbreaking projects, from engineering grade mapping to environmental assessments and disaster relief projects, and represents the latest crossroads of science, business, and state-of-the-art technology.

In fact, this particular technology was developed as defense-grade military surveillance. AES would need special permission from the Department of Defense to use it outside of the US. AES and Ayres represent one of only two organizations in the country to use the camera this way. You might have some questions...

How does it work? A high-tech, multispectral, portable camera is installed in a small airplane capable of flying ‘low and slow’ over the landscape. The camera (a Leica RCD30) looks through a hole in the bottom of a small plane to capture digital imaging.

What does it do? The enhanced imagery allows AES to identify failing septic symptoms, map the impact of environmental toxins and extreme weather, address water quality issues, and map critical habitat and endangered plant species. In the event of a natural disaster, this technology will allow insurance companies and government agencies to measure the scope of the devastation quickly and efficiently.

Why is it important? The state-of-the-art camera can captures imagery with unprecedented detail, providing environmental experts with data that would normally take weeks - even months - to collect in the field. It will change the way scientists and officials monitor ecological restorations, wetland mitigations, conservation easements, disaster areas, and more.

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