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The days of discrete data are over. The opportunities for data management have only just begun. With the rapid growth in communications and connectivity, the logistics of data and workflow have changed dramatically. The points and measurements you collect are no longer confined. They are instantly available, useable, and universally required.

But this data democratization is only as powerful as your ability to manage its continuous stream. That’s the mission of Topcon Enterprise Solutions: To give you the seamless ability to quickly manage, mesh, verify, refine, and push the information that moves the planning and production on job sites everywhere. Topcon Enterprise Solutions is the integration of instruments, machines, crews, project development, operation monitoring and reporting to maximize efficiency and productivity for everyone.
Ray O’Connor, president and CEO of Topcon Positioning Systems, believes the key to future success will be the ability to not only capture and maintain data from every aspect of a job site– from design to project review– but to interpret and manage that data in real time.

“It will always be important to know what you did on any project at any time, and how that data will be the basis for its optimal lifecycle management,” O’Connor said. “Changes in technology now make it easy to obtain and manage real-time data from machine to machine or from field to office and vice versa. This new way of managing the data, the job progress, and its structural and social attributes allows us to create a ‘continuous representation of reality.’ It unlocks the 4-, 5-, and 6-D aspects that will help our industry bridge the gap between the infrastructure needs of the near future, and the world’s ability to actually build it.

“For a company to grow and prosper,” he said, “it has to work smarter, and eliminate waste at every phase. It’s simple math: Reduce cost, meet more needs, and make more money.

“Topcon is committed to providing technologies and products that allow work to be done faster and more efficiently,” he said. “The traditional plan-design-layout-execute-inspect project cycle is no longer viable for sustained growth. Professionally obtained and managed data will provide a continuous, repetitive process not limited by time or space.

“Topcon Enterprise Solutions are adaptive to the workflow needs of a company, and expandable to collaborative projects of any kind, anywhere. The data becomes the central point-of-truth that allows all project phases to work together in a cloud-based environment to provide authoritative, transparent field solutions,” O’Connor said. “This produces a tighter, seamless workflow that increases productivity, enhances asset tracking, and improves job site safety and quality control.”

As faster accessibility to an ever-increasing amount of data becomes a reality, businesses not only have the opportunity but a real need to embrace innovation and change.

“Topcon Enterprise Solutions are designed to be the change merchant that puts the data authority into the hands of the professional, and the data value into the offices and on job sites where it will instantly impact the sustainable growth of our industry and our society.” O’Connor said.

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