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GeoShack Leads Growth Opportunities
Whether it’s BIM, Energy, Mobile Mapping, or Scanning – GeoShack leads the way.
Growth… is not a word commonly used by the average surveyor in today’s market.  The business of surveying has changed along with the technology.  This shift in the role of the traditional surveyor will change even faster in 2014 and beyond.

Today, more than ever, surveyors have opportunities in growth markets like BIM, energy markets from oil and gas to wind and solar, mobile mapping, data management, automated construction, and scanning.  These industries need the experience and expertise of a professional surveyor now.

Unlike other companies who have remained the same over the last 10 -20 years, GeoShack continues to lead the industry forward by changing the way we do business.  Our philosophy has led to growth.  GeoShack has grown from 8 to 23 locations by focusing on customer education and advanced support with GeoShack University and our GeoShack Advantage programs, recruiting key people from different professions to diversify our company. 

Scott Beathard attributes GeoShacks’ growth to one thing.  “Our team of people has gone to great lengths to prepare our customers for change.  Through education and services, we provide tools and solutions to venture into new and different work.  We also provide new levels of support as their needs change. This business strategy is not always easy, but it is the key to expanding even further.”
US – (972) 241-6001
Canada – (905) 669-9759

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