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5 Reasons Technology Makes Land Surveying Easier and Faster

Verify Subject Properties and Adjoiners Using Cloud-Based Services

Land surveyors have traditionally depended on public records and maps pulled from County courthouses to verify subject properties they are surveying along with the adjoining properties.  While this is the widely used common practice, integrated property data and image services offer surveyors a more efficient option for conducting the same research. With today’s development of cloud-based services like First American Data Tree’s, property searches can be conducted online and in the field from mobile devices saving both time and money.  The reasons why more and more land surveyors are incorporating technology into their property research include:
  1. Single-Point Access:  All property data required to verify the parcel and research surrounding properties can be accessed in one secure place.
  2. “Hands On” Mapping:  Interactive mapping allows users to draw a circle selecting a custom area of interest and retrieve property information on the subject property and the adjoiners.
  3. Quick Verification: Access to short legal description for address validation and the APN, ensuring that the correct parcel is being surveyed.
  4. Integrated Plat Maps: Viewable plat maps clearly show the exact configuration of the parcel.
  5. Vesting Deed Information: Helps clarify ownership and provide access of the full legal description.

Providing a single-point access to public records typically collected from various County offices means that it is easier than ever for surveyors to conduct research and verify property information whether in the office or out in the field. First American Commercial Due Diligence Services gains further efficiencies through the use of this technology to develop pre-planning maps before placing survey crews in the field.  Being prepared through the use of effective technologies enables us to provide valued solutions to our clients.
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