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TopoDOT Processing Software for Static, Mobile and Airborne Laser Scanner Data
TopoDOT extracts high quality 3D models and topographies from scanner data for use across survey, design, engineering and construction operations.
Certainty 3D’s TopoDOT® software application is recognized as a worldwide market leader for processing data from static, mobile and airborne LiDAR systems. TopoDOT® development started almost ten years ago to extract high quality CAD models from laser scanning data.  At that time, Ted Knaak, founder of Certainty 3D, recognized the coming dramatic increase in LiDAR system productivity, consequent reduction in field costs and future need for efficient model extraction.  TopoDOT® filled this need with a balanced approach between automation and intelligent human interaction for efficient 3D model extraction.  Employing high productivity LiDAR systems in the field and TopoDOT® in the office results in the entire field-to-finish process delivered faster, at lower cost and with enhanced model quality as compared to traditional survey technology. 

As major consumers of civil infrastructure models recognize the significant return on investment in LiDAR technology, they are developing requirements for ordering, purchasing and integrating this data across their operations.  To support this rapidly increasing demand, Certainty 3D has introduced the “MAeX” workflow concept.  TopoDOT® thus provides tools to “Manage” data, “Assess” quality and “eXtract” 3D models to feed downstream processes.  Certainty 3D also supports customers with low cost/high quality training.  TopoDOT® license programs offer a low cost pay-for-usage structure.  Therefore TopoDOT® is uniquely well-positioned in the market for the rapidly expanding integration of LiDAR system data across survey, design, engineering and construction operations.
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