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de Bruin Spatial Technologies Captures RGB & NIR Imagery with VisionMap A3

Established in 2010, de Bruin Spatial Technologies entered the Australian market of geomatics with new sensor equipment and the vision of delivering excellence without compromise.

An expert in the forest industry for over 25 years, de Bruin Spatial Technologies utilizes its extensive practical knowledge and experience in forestry management, offering aerial survey and mapping services to local and state governments, primary industries such as forestry, mining and resources, and environmental planning and management. Based in Mount Gambier, de Bruin Spatial Technologies operates in South Australia and Victoria, and continues to grow rapidly each year.

The Challenge

de Bruin Spatial Technologies’s customer wanted to fill their GIS database - used for Asset management, plot residential boundaries, Council/Shire workforce management and live GPS tracking software – with new imagery.

de Bruin Spatial Technologies needed to provide the customer with 8cm GSD, four-band ortho-rectified imagery, as well as a one meter digital elevation model. The area consisted of several small towns and an identified flood-damaged forestry plantation covering an area of 250 km2. Five to 20 kilometers separate each of area of interest. The challenge was to capture and process this area, including both RGB and NIR Imagery, within a two month turnaround time.

Furthermore, local government budgets for aerial acquisition are extremely small in relation to the area of interest they want acquired. Therefore, de Bruin Spatial Technologies’s had to provide the optimal value for money solution. Additional constraints were weather and sun angle.

The Solution

de Bruin Spatial Technologies chose VisionMap’s A3 tDigital Mapping Camera for this project due to its ability to capture four-band imagery and produce a digital elevation model. Furthermore, they found it to be the most cost-efficient mapping camera on the market, particularly important due to the customer’s budget constraints.

“By taking advantage of A3’s simultaneous acquisition of NIR imagery,” said Rick George, de Bruin Spatial Technologies Project Manager, “we not only provided the client with the required imagery, but were able to pull in more revenue for the project by adding an additional client that had expressed interest in a forestry plantation area nearby to one of the original areas of interest. With the additional client and the advantages the A3 has over conventional aerial surveying equipment, we were able acquire the additional flood damaged area with little overhead.”

Offering the largest footprint in the market, A3 Airborne Digital Mapping Camera captures areas 2-3 times larger than competing cameras. A3 utilized the limited 1.5 hours per day of capture time afforded to de Bruin Spatial Technologies very efficiently. The entire capture took 18 hours.

Mr. George summarized, “We are very satisfied with A3’s performance. The A3 camera was able to provide not only RGB, but also NIR ortho-imagery. On top of this, the digital elevation model produced during post-processing was sufficient for our needs. The A3 Camera collected the data efficiently and at a very high quality. Post-processing time was extremely fast.

Our data centre’s processing capacity complimented the multiple server capabilities that the VisionMap software supports. We are able to run simultaneous optimisations that would otherwise have taken weeks to process. By processing the RGB, NIR at the same time in addition to extracting the Digital Elevation Model, VisionMap makes the generally time consuming task of post processing productive and efficient, allowing de Bruin Spatial Technologies to meet the demand for strict delivery time frames.



VisionMap LLC is a U.S. subsidiary of VisionMap LTD., a leading provider of state-of-the-art mapping systems.

VisionMap LLC is a U.S. subsidiary of VisionMap LTD., a leading provider of state-of-the-art mapping systems. The company’s A3 system is a coupled camera and ground processing system that covers extremely large-scale areas and provides accurate high-resolution imagery in RGB and NIR bands.

A3’s coverage of 60,000 pixels across track is unmatched by any other camera, and it typically acquires thousands of square miles of images per day. The system’s design allows for flexible operation at altitudes between 3,000 and 30,000 feet (1.5 inch to 1 foot GSD). The A3 LightSpeed processing system turns around raw data quickly, processing thousands of square miles daily. A3’s output products include aerial triangulation, DSM, orthophoto mosaic, and stereo models.

VisionMap’s systems reduce operator costs, enable rapid completion of statewide projects, and increase mapping and surveying project efficiency. VisionMap’s systems are used by two leading U.S. mapping companies, and an additional 20 systems operate worldwide.

Typical applications include NAIP projects, visibility mapping, and high-resolution orthophotos. The flexible A3 camera may be installed on a very wide variety of platforms. A3 LightSpeed can process outputs without controls or DGPS stations for reduced cost and faster turnaround time for rapid response applications.

VisionMap LLC is proud to provide full service support and timely maintenance services to customers in the United States, Canada, and Latin America markets. For more information please contact

VisionMap LLC
20-B East Main Street, Suite 4
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Contact: Tim Leary, VP Business Development

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