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Lead’Air, Inc.

The NEXTrack2, a clean solution for a messy problem

Lead’Air, the US designer and manufacturer of TRACK’AIR products is announcing the complete redesign of its flagship NEXTrack FMS flight management system.

NEXTrack2 resolves a number of challenges faced by aerial survey companies, through effective integration of IMU/INSS, flight line navigation, sensor stabilization mount, and cable management. The result is a single, fully integrated solution that maximises space efficiency and optimises workflow.

Aerial survey customers often struggle to assemble a complete aerial survey system piece by piece.  They might acquire an IMU, a camera with a mount, pilot displays and other components.  They may approach Lead’ Air for one of our entry level FMS which inevitably end up being connected to flimsy laptop...

Inevitably, this leads to difficulties as customers struggle to integrate the components of their piecemeal system. The result, too often, is the same: a medusa-like monster with dozens of cables going in all directions, connecting backwards and forwards between IMU, camera, FMS, displays, and other components.

The NEXTrack2 is an integrated alternative to this chaotic approach. It includes everything needed for a robust aerial survey to operate cohesively.  NEXTrack2 combines, in a single housing, differential GNSS/INS, stabilized mount control, and the state of the art TRACK’AIR FMS, with touch screen displays for operator interaction. All interconnections, all settings, all configurations are already resolved.

The NEXTrack2 not only leverages the power of the renowned TRACK’AIR FMS, but it also comes fully integrated with an industry leading GNSS-Inertial system from Applanix Corporation. Applanix’ technology harnesses the best in GNSS multi-frequency positioning, with an IMU providing superior inertial data to maintain accurate positioning and orientation for georeferencing. This solution enables NEXTrack2 to support boresight calibration, assisted aero-triangulation, mount stabilization and automated drift control needs.

Through modular design, the NEXTrack2 allows customers to start with just a basic FMS and differential GNSS. Systems can then be progressively upgraded with higher grade inertial measurement, stabilized mount controls, and other options. Lead’Air enables customers to continuously have the system that they need, as budgets and operational requirements demand.  NEXTrack2’s aggressive pricing makes it just as appealing for startup companies acquiring their first system as it is for established operators looking to acquire or upgrade their existing FMS/IMU systems with state of the art components entirely engineered in North America.
NEXTrack2 at a glance:

  • All in one FMS system.
  • Complete, affordable system.
  • Stabilized mount controller.
  • Seamless integration of components.
  • Absolute minimum cabling.
  • Backed by Applanix.
  • Multiple display options.
  • Built-in, mapping grade GNSS Inertial Measurement.


Lead’Air is the US face of the renowned TRACK’AIR brand.  Originally founded in the Netherlands, the company has since moved their complete operations to sunny Florida.  For nearly 20 years, Lead’Air has developed a comprehensive line of flight management systems, oblique and nadir camera systems, displays and stabilized sensor mounts to fit the needs of the ever changing airborne data acquisition industry.  With close to 1000 private and governmental organizations around the globe operating with their software and customized hardware, Lead’Air has become, without a doubt, the most popular provider of Flight Management Systems (FMS) in the world.

The need for diverse, uncomplicated and dependable systems has propelled Lead’Air to create new software and hardware solutions for many new applications and implement them in a minimal timeframe.  Over the years, Lead’Air has evolved into an advanced supplier of aerial survey equipment, not only supporting their own range of popular products, such as the NANOTRACK and the NEXTRACK FMS, the MIDAS oblique camera system, the new STEADYTRACK stabilized camera mount or even the recently launched MIDAR which integrates cameras and LiDAR sensors, but also has developed a strong capability to custom design special sensor installations for their clients.

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