Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc.


Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc.

Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc. (KAS) specializes in providing high quality aerial photography and remote sensing surveys.  KAS is a “continental company” having flown tens of thousands of miles in Canada and Mexico as well as in the United States.  KAS maintains offices and aircraft in Philadelphia, PA, Tyler, TX, Benson, AZ, and Los Angeles, CA.  With nineteen survey aircraft, experienced flight planners and aircraft crew as well as diverse geographical locations, KAS offer significant advantages that serve to increase the likelihood that projects will be completed on time and budget despite weather conditions and sun angle issues.

Aerial Acquisition, our fleet and either our sensor or yours
KAS is adept at collecting and processing both Airborne GPS (AGPS) and Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU) data.  We collect airborne imagery at high and low altitudes in several formats including digital (RGB, NIR, 4-band) and film (color positive, color negative, and black and white).

KAS offers state of the art digital aerial imagery acquisition sensors including 4 Microsoft UltraCam large format digital sensors, 12 metric film cameras (6”, 8.25” and 12” lens cones);  and 2 Optech Gemini LiDAR systems.

Emergency Response Solutions
For emergency/disaster response services within the continental US, KAS has proven ability to provide digital aerial imagery and post processing production services, up to and including level three data, within a window of less then 24-hours.

COTS and Archived Imagery Provider

Film scanning services are provided via our 4 Leica DSW scanners.

KAS has also developed a web portal;, which provides customers access to our current digital, historic film and magnetometer surveys library data.

Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc.
Northeast Philadelphia Airport
PO Box 21059
Philadelphia, PA 19114-0559
215- 677-3119
215- 464-2889 fax
Contact: John Schmitt

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