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Phase One Industrial is a division of Phase One A/S, the world’s leading medium-format camera maker. Working with leading experts and engineers in the field, Phase One Industrial has engineered the iXA aerial camera system from the ground up to meet the exacting needs of aerial photography and to create a streamlined capture and processing workflow. Its rugged, lightweight aluminum alloy construction enables quick and flexible installation and deployment in a variety of configurations, and makes it particularly suited to multiple camera configuration and oblique photography.

This robust, high-quality industrial-grade camera system is fully integrated and offers fast capture rates, high resolution, and features that rival large format cameras at a fraction of the price. The Phase One iXA aerial camera system is easily integrated into existing systems, both onboard the aircraft with preinstalled Flight Management Systems and in post-production. Simply plug it into the aircraft’s power bus or any other 12-30 V DC source for a reliable source of power.

The Phase One iXA features either 80 MP or 60 MP configurations, is available in either NIR or RGB versions, and is currently in full production and ready for immediate delivery. The iXA offers the detailed image quality that only large sensor systems can produce. With a full range of Schneider-Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses available, including the brand new 240 mm lens, the iXA is positioned to meet the needs of any aerial photography mission with the sharpness expected from a dedicated aerial photography camera

Phase One Industrial     
Roskildevej 39      
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
+45 36 13 11 23

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