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Corporate Profile

Since Track’Air was founded in the Netherlands in 1994, our company has led the way for many new ideas in aerial survey mapping: In 1995 we were the first to market a computerized flight management system operating under Windows; in 2005 we were the first to market an integrated oblique camera system. Over the years we have become an advanced supplier of aerial survey equipment: In addition to supporting our own range of popular products such as the NANOTRACK and the NEXTRACK FMS, the MIDAS oblique cameras systems, the new STEADYTRACK stabilized camera mount or the all new MIDAR system integrating a camera and Lidar, our company has become uniquely suited to design fully customized solutions with unmatched time-to-market and customer personalization. 

In 2010, Track’Air relocated its production facility from the Netherlands to the USA. Our US Company Lead’Air and its affiliate Hardw’Air, both located at the Kissimmee airport in Florida, now employ over 60 persons in the fields of mechanical, electronic, and software engineering. We have developed an exceptional ability to provide our customers with dedicated resources to research and design completely custom solutions with unsurpassed speed and cost. We also have aeronautical engineers on staff qualified to apply for an FAA STC or field approval. To sum up, we can assist you with anything related to aerial survey operation, cutting/enlarging a camera port, designing a stabilized helicopter pod, combining a Lidar and camera, etc.

Lead’Air, Inc.
113 S Hoagland Blvd
Kissimmee, FL 34741-4529
Phone: 407-343-7571
Fax: 407-343-7572
Sales Information Email: info@trackair.com
Product Support Email:

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