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Pitfalls of Proportioning


You may wish to forward to Steve Estopinal and Earl Henderson that MSPS [Michigan] has published several excellent articles regarding the use of “proportinate measure” to replace government corners. The two recited below are by an experienced professional surveyor following in the footsteps of William A. Burt, D.S. in Michigan’s upper peninsula where original evidence is still frequently recovered.
Two articles in particular, among many others, are in the “Michigan Surveyor Newsletter” magazines:
Volume 11, #2, page 3 “Re-establishment of a lost corner by proportionate measurement,” Art Enger, PS

Volume 12, #1, page 6, 14, 15 & 16, “How accurate were the original Michigan Surveys?” Art Enger, PS
I was pleased to read that Steve and Earl are working on an article to address the “proportionate measure” theory in replacement of government corners and the proven fact that this procedure has very little to no chance of monumenting the “original” position.
The “Mr. Fix-it” parody in the January issue of Professional Surveyor was fantastic. We need more of this caliber.

—Norman C. Caldwell, PS
Luzerne, Michigan



PSM January 2013
: The feature article, “No Compromise,” incorrectly stated there were 32,808 work-zone accident fatalities in 2009. This is the total number of fatalities in all motor-vehicle crashes that year. Figures have been released for 2010 with the total number of fatalities at 32,885; the number of fatalities in work zones is 576. 

PSM February 2013:  In the feature article, “Diversification through Scanning,” we incorrectly spelled “levee” as “levy.” The first is an embankment, the second a tax.

PSM February 2013: Guest essayists Grant Hausler and Eva-Maria Unger’s names were misspelled in the February issue, as well; they are spelled correctly here. We send out a special apology and thanks to Grant and Eva-Maria!

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