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TDS Releases SOLO Office 2.0
Tripod Data Systems (TDS) announced the immediate availability of SOLO Office 2.0, the desktop companion for its SOLO CE GPS/GIS mapping software. The major upgrades to TDS' Windows-based project management software include new raster image compression and basemap preparation functions. "TDS' new raster image format now provides up to a 9-to-1compression of TIF files," said Matt Lehman, TDS' GIS products manager. "That means our customers can take more images into the field to use on their Pocket PCs and other Windows CE devices," he said. SOLO Office 2.0 will also allow customers to select specific portions of an image for download and will supply geo reference information to scanned images. TDS has also added a basemap preparation routine that will allow users better control over the basemap files that are used in the field. "We've given our customers a tool that allows them to cut a specific area out of a large organization-wide basemap," Lehman said. "With SOLO Office 2.0, you can select and download only those portions of the basemap database that are necessary for your current project. "Additional enhancements include an improved project display and editing tools, project printing capabilities, a new feature file editor, and batch file transfer routines.
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Cases Plus, Inc.'s New Product Line
Cases Plus, Inc., a distributor of protective equipment transport cases in the U.S., has announced a new product line of durable engineered cases manufactured by North American Case, the TC2000 Series. The TC2000 Series was designed with extra emphasis on strength, style, and comfort. The outer shell is high-density thermoformed polyethylene plastic, giving it properties of superior strength and resistance to chemicals. The charcoal gray color outer shell and black powder coated aluminum valance provide a stylish appearance for any application. The color is added to the TC2000 Series outer case material before it is molded, assuring attractive appearance throughout the long life of the case. A carefully designed gasket-in-valance seal between the body and top of the case closure seals out water, salt, air, and dust. These cases are ideally suited for the protection and transport of expensive and sensitive equipment.
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TDS Ramps Up ForeSight
ForeSight 2.0
, released by Tripod Data Systems, extends the capabilities of the popular ForeSight computer-aided surveying product by adding direct file transfer capability with the TDS Ranger running Survey Pro for Windows CE and alphanumeric point name functionality. ForeSight can now read the job files created by Survey Pro for Windows CE running on the Ranger rugged field computer. Surveyors can use job files directly to create new projects in ForeSight. Using ForeSight, they can save points and lines from a project to Survey Pro job files. They can also use alphanumeric point names to identify points in their files. Since Survey Pro also supports alphanumeric point names, project management is now easier and more efficient. In addition, ForeSight will use the polylines created in Survey Pro on the Ranger when creating a new project. Foresight will draw these lines exactly as they were in the data collector.
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DAP Releases New Software
DAP Technologies has released MICROFLEX CE5240 and CE5320 now operating on Microsoft Windows CE 3.00. This version will integrate new applications such as CE Internet Explorer, MS Pocket Word and Pocket Inbox as well as major communication and support improvements. It is possible to install these applications at your own convenience on your MICROFLEX CE in order to save storable memory. Added features also include optional installation of these applications in Storage Flash (NAND*) for permanent retention.
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PC ARC/INFO 4.0 Now Shipping
ESRI has announced that PC ARC/INFO 4.0 is now shipping. PC ARC/INFO Software gives users full GIS functionality for the management, analysis, display, and mapping of geographic information on the desktop. PC ARC/INFO 4.0 introduces 32-bit Windows executables, making it very fast on Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT operating systems. Along with the rearchitecture, ESRI has added many new features that PC ARC/INFO users have been asking for, including image support in ARCPLOT and ARCEDIT, double-precision coverages, new spatial operators (theme on theme selections, etc.), user-defined commands, persistent and multilevel relates on data files, and more.
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In-Vehicle Cradle for Handhelds
DAP Technologies has released a new in-vehicle cradle for the MICROFLEX PC9800 and CE5000 series of handheld computers. The cradle is designed to meet the challenges of mobile data communication. Two models are available: one is solely intended for charging the handheld computers, the other offers an additional capability for mobile data communication transfers. The cradle is easy to install and features a latch which firmly holds the handheld computer in place when inside the vehicle. Affixed to the rear of the cradle is a metal plate created for pedestal mounting, allowing flexible movement. The cradle offers RS-232 communication capabilities and can be used in temperatures ranging from +5ºC to +50ºC. Powering the cradle can be done simply by using a DAP in-vehicle power supply. The cradle is designed for use in demanding application environments (i.e., distribution, field services, transportation, logistics, etc.) and withstands the day-to-day vibrations and shocks that can occur during transportation.
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New Battery Pole from S!TE
S!te Manufacturing Inc. has introduced a new battery pole that is designed to mount on survey accessories with a 5/8x11-threaded tip. This lightweight graphite-composite cased 12-volt NiMH battery will power your Spectra-Geodimeter RMT reflector for over a full day's work on a single charge. A convenient on/off switch, with LED indicator light, lets you turn the battery on or off as required for prolonged use. This battery weighs only .42 kg (.9 lbs.) and measures 30cm in length. An adapter is supplied for those customers requiring a standard length of 12-inches. Charging is accomplished with the standard Spectra charger, item # 571 906 214, and charging cable, Item # 571 208 020. The battery comes with the adapter and cable for RMT hook up.
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Satellite Phone Product Line
Globalstar's satellite phone products and service are designed to meet the needs of individuals who live and work in areas not under-served or not covered by cellular networks. Many industries with operations in remote locations—such as utilities, oil and gas, construction, and the military—use Globalstar's products to stay connected. Globalstar's products are also ideal for outdoor enthusiasts participating in activities that take them off-road and away from cellular-covered areas. These products include: the Globalstar tri-mode phone, a portable handheld unit that operates in satellite mode as well as digital and analog cellular modes; the fixed satellite phone which can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table or desk is primarily designed for use in rural or remote areas; the hands-free car kit is designed for use in conjunction with the tri-mode portable phone; and the maritime phone which is comprised of marine panel part-set and the Qualcomm GSP 1600 tri-mode portable phone.
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New Version of Scanner Software
LH Systems
is shipping a new version of the software for its DSW series of digital scanning workstations. Available for Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Solaris, version 4.3 offers a powerful new pre-scan function, new easy-to-use semi-automated tonal setups, a new post-scan colorize utility, and new maintenance calibrations designed to simplify and speed up the production of high quality color imagery as well as to provide a wide range of scan workflow options. A major focus of version 4.3 is to meet user needs for easier, faster, and more effective tonal control. The pre-scan feature now produces a viewable 10-bit image pyramid, allowing tonal setups to be accomplished many times faster and far more easily by giving access to the full digital hierarchy. New tonal controls allow the operator to "apply" and "undo" sequential tonal adjustments. As changes are applied, the image pyramid and histogram are instantly updated on the monitor. These features allow the user to see the effect that the cumulative tonal setup will produce in the final scanned image.
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New Series of 3D Scanners
A new line of 3D scanners providing flexibility for 3D measurement, inspection and modeling has been introduced by Riegl USA of Orlando, Florida. The LPM series 3D scanners provides the user with Riegl laser measuring technology combined with a lightweight and easy to use design. Options include hemispheric scanning, automated or manual operation, reflectorless ranges to 2500 meters, accuracy in the millimeters and a comprehensive 3D data acquisition software package operable from a laptop PC. The multi-purpose LPM-Series (Laser Profile Measuring System) is a 3D data collection system that enables a single operator to quickly measure the relative location of any object for various applications within seconds. The complete stand alone system incorporates various Riegl laser distance LD90-VHS series distance meters for high accuracy (1 mm resolution), range and accuracy flexibility and long range (2,500 meters), the pan and tilt mount PTM98, and industry standard software 3D-RiScan, 3D data acquisition visualization and analysis, which runs on Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 platforms.
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Eartha Systems Technologies
Eartha Systems, the new DeLorme business unit showcased m-business location technologies at the Internet World Fall trade show in October. The Eartha Systems products demonstrate the wireless transfer of routes and map data to wireless PDAs and WAP-enable cellular telephones.Earth Systems focuses entirely on the Internet, Wireless and GPS aspects of the business. On display at the trade show was Solus 3.0 Wireless, a new application that wirelessly downloads routes and maps from the Internet to a wireless-capable Palm OS handheld; Eartha Enterprise and Eartha Entrepreneur a new suite of customizable online map systems for businesses to integrate online mapping into their own websites; and WAP-enabled cellular telephone capabilities for delivering maps and driving directions to cellular telephones.
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Trimble Closes TDS Acquisition
Trimble has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Tripod Data Systems (TDS), a developer of data collection software for the land survey, construction and GIS markets. TDS will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary and retain its offices in Corvallis, Oregon. The acquisition, which was initially announced on September 21, 2000, will be accounted for as a purchase transaction. The purchase price was less than $15 million and paid in shares of Trimble's common stock. TDS has three core business components. The company develops software for data collection applications, manufactures rugged Windows CE-based handheld data collectors such as their TDS Ranger, and develops software for pen computer applications.

Solus Pro 2.0 Gains Certification
After a rigorous testing process by a third-party testing agency, the DeLorme Palm OS mapping and GPS software, Solus Pro 2.0 has been certified Palm Platinum compatible. Solus Pro 2.0 features vector-based maps and lets users search for place names, roads, cities or points of interest. Palm OS Platinum is the highest level of certification available from Palm. The Platinum certification program involves hundreds of standards and tests conducted over several weeks by an independent research laboratory under the direction of Palm. Product highlights include: tap the stylus on a road or point of interest to display area information; import addresses from a personal address book for a display of the map; add marks to record personal points of interest, which become part of the searchable map database.

ERDAS IMAGINE Selected for Project
The Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program purchased ERDAS IMAGINE geographic imaging software to build a spatial data clearinghouse that can be accessed by private, state and federal natural resource managers engaged in ecosystem preservation projects in the greater Mojave and California Desert regions. With headquarters in Barstow, CA, and funding from the Department of Defense, the Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program is responsible for acquiring and providing access to geospatial data for more than 50 million acres of desert lands in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. ERDAS IMAGINE is being used to process a variety of data including Landsat, SPOT, IKONOS and AVHRR imagery for the production of standardized geographic information products that will be served over the program's Website. ERDAS IMAGINE was selected for the program because it performed extremely well during an evaluation in which a 3D simulation of the Mojave Desert was created for an air space management demo.

New Global Division Launched
Intergraph Corporation has launched IntelliWhere, a software and solutions infrastructure provider focused specifically on the wireless and location-based service industries. IntelliWhere's lead product, IntelliWhere Genie, enables customers to provide real time, location-based services and content, using an architecture that builds on Intergraph's GeoMedia technology to deliver device and data format independent solutions. IntelliWhere Genie solutions are open, scalable and proven in large-scale deployed applications. IntelliWhere Genie offers IT, Telecommunications and Corporate Enterprises a leading-edge location-based services development environment. IntelliWhere Genie combines advanced location-based functionality with an open, industry-standard software development architecture.

EarthData International Established
Aeroterra S.A. of Buenos Aires and EarthData Holdings of Washington, D.C. have established EarthData International of Florida to provide GIS services to clients throughout the United States, Argentina, and the rest of the Americas. Based in Miami, this new company caps four years of a successful strategic alliance between the two airborne mapping and GIS firms. Eduardo Viola, formerly vice president of Aeroterra, will serve as president of the new company and will lead the development and supervision of a wide range of GIS-related projects. EarthData International of Florida will fulfill the growing needs of both Aeroterra and EarthData clients for customized GIS information and capabilities. Website Introduced
The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) has introduced Earth-info provides easy Internet access to imagery of the earth, maps, and other geographic information produced by the U.S. Government and commercial providers. The Website will benefit private citizens, educators, local governments, and public media that require ready access to visual data, maps, and imagery. The project was initiated by Senator Robert Kerrey (D-NE) in 1996 when he became interested in making U.S. Government imagery derived data available to the general public. The earth-info Website was developed by the National Technology Alliance (NTA), for which NIMA serves as the Executive Agent. The NTA worked with the Virginia-based National Center for Applied Technology (NCAT) and the National Information Display Lab (NIDL) in Princeton, NJ to create and provide content for the earth-info website and to establish partnerships with government, academic, and commercial providers of geospatial information and imagery.

Cooperative R & D Agreement
LizardTech Inc. announced a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA). With this agreement, LizardTech will provide core technology plus senior-level engineering and research staff necessary to support NIMA development and integration efforts. In exchange, NIMA will provide the environment for specific testing capabilities and product requirements. Within the CRADA agreement, NIMA will initiate research programs focusing on LizardTech's MrSID and LizardTech Content Server technologies. MrSID encodes large, high-resolution images to a fraction of their original file size while maintaining the original image quality. Content Server is the extensible, scalable Internet application designed to serve high-resolution photographs and perfect reproductions of scanned documents.

Trimble Expands GPS Infrastructure
Trimble recently announced that it is supplying GPS reference stations and software to expand the Swiss GPS network, which provides differential (DGPS) and RTK services across Switzerland. The core infrastructure service will be monitored and operated by a Swiss Government Agency. GPS users throughout Switzerland will be able to utilize the services for surveying, construction, navigation, asset management, agriculture, and forestry. The expansion of the Swiss GPS network follows other Trimble infrastructure project successes. These include: GPS reference stations for the General Lighthouse Authority Network around the coast of Great Britain, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link RTK Network, and the Zurich International Airport Expansion Project.

GIS/GPS Demonstration Project
Leica Geosystems Inc. and ESRI announced their final selections for the U.S. State and Local Government GIS/GPS Demonstration Project Program. The seven recipients were chosen based on their innovative approaches to solving government problems by harnessing the combined technologies of GIS and GPS. The recipients selected to participate in the demonstration projects are: Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, Oklahoma; County of Cobb Water Quality Laboratory, Georgia; County of Larimer, Colorado; Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force, Arizona County of Riverside Transportation and Land Management Bureau, California; City of Kalamazoo, Michigan; Planning and Development District III, South Dakota. Recipients will receive a complete suite of ESRI's ArcView GIS software, a Leica GS50 GIS/GPS receiver, Leica's GIS DataPro office software, complete documentation and training. The demonstration project, encompassing a total of 10 recipient government agencies, represents a total investment of $189,000 on the part of ESRI and Leica Geosystems. The first three recipients were announced in June 2000 and are actively developing their projects.


New CEO of Cyra Technologies
Ben Kacyra, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cyra Technologies, Inc., Oakland, California, was replaced by Erwin Frei as of January 2001. Erwin Frei is Vice President and Manager of Strategic Business Management of Leica Geosystems. He joined the Leica Group in 1985 as a research and development manager for GPS products. After various other posts in the surveying business, he became head of the Business Area Geodesy in 1996 and assumed his current role in 1999. Dr. Frei is a surveyor by profession, and holds a Master of Science and a PhD in Astronomy, as well as an Executive MBA from the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland. Cyra Technologies, Inc. will remain an independent company belonging to the Leica Geosystems group of companies.

Fund-Raising Campaign 2000
During the 99/00 academic year, Dr. Khagendra Thapa of the Surveying Engineering Department at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan ran a fund-raising campaign. He raised roughly $46,000 from private companies and alumni. The funds were raised to replace hardware in computer labs used by students in the department. Nineteen Dell 800 MHZ computers were purchased along with a laptop computer. Each of these machines is mounted with a plaque crediting the donor and installed with a screen-saver featuring the donor's company logo.


New Publications by ITC
A group of ITC staff, under editorship of Rolf de By and Lucas Janssen have written two introductory textbooks on the two core subjects taught at ITC:
Principles of Remote Sensing—An introductory textbook Rolf de By, Editor. Spatial information is required for planning and management purposes of our infrastructure and natural resources. Remote sensing plays a growing role in the acquisition of spatial information about our environment. This textbook introduces the remote sensing as a technique for data acquisition. The principle of remote sensing as well as a large number of sensor types are introduced.
Principles of Geographic Information Systems—An introductory textbook Lucas Janssen, Editor. This textbook introduces geographic information systems as a tool for spatial data handling. The principles behind it are presented one by one: the identification of relevant geographic phenomena, the options of representing them in a GIS, the associated advantages and disadvantages of operating on these representations, the preparation of spatial data sets, the spatio-analytic functionality that comes with GIS, and the methods to visualize spatial data.

Leica Acquires Laser Alignment, Inc.
Leica Geosystems has signed an agreement to acquire the U.S.-based company Laser Alignment, Inc. The acquisition will allow Leica Geosystems to establish a position in high- precision 3D guidance and automated machine control systems for use on construction-sites, in mining applications, and in the agricultural market. Laser Alignment, Inc. sold $6 million in machine-control and guidance systems last year, with another $24 million in pipe laying lasers and other construction laser equipment. Leica Geosystems Machine-Control and Guidance business area will be concentrated in Grand Rapids and headed by Kurt Schibli. Mr. Schibli's experience with Leica Geosystems includes leadership of the Swiss sales operation, and most recently, the successful build-up of the company's German sales organization.

Leica Topo Store Opens in London
Tom Marshall, recently retired after 32 years with Norman Wade in Canada, reports that Leica opened a new Topo Store in London in November, to add to the 22 stores already open in France. Marshall, who assisted in setting up the Topo Store catalog as part of Leica's non-group products line (managed by Pierre Charel), reported that Peter Rook will manage the London outlet. The catalog, featuring over 700 survey supply items, and including Laser Alignment products, will be available in January with English, German and French editions. Marshall was instrumental in the recent sale of Laser Alignment to Leica.

LTI Offers Educational Discounts
Laser Technology, Inc. has reinstated the discount-pricing program to Institutions of Higher Learning on most products. This is an effort to place high-tech, innovative products in front of the students that will eventually be using this equipment in real-world applications in the near future. This will apply to schools that teach, for example, Forestry, Civil Engineering, Mapping, Surveying, Archeology, Geology and GIS. Products eligible for discount: Impulse 200 Standard; Impulse 200 LS; Impulse Accessories; MapStar Compass Module; MapStar Angle Encoder; Any Software, including enCampo, T & D and Solo CE; Cables.(Products not eligible for discount: Any of the Yardage Pros, Night Vision, Staffs, Bi-Pod Legs, or Data Recorder Brackets) All purchase orders must be on College, University, or Trade School letterhead. LTI will not accept any other type of invoice. For further information contact a regional sales representative or call LTI at (303) 649-1000. This offer applies only to orders received after October 4, 2000.

ASPRS and ACSM Fall Conference
The Fall 2000 Conference, "Practical Applications in the Geospatial Information Sciences" held December 1-6, 2000, in Providence, Rhode Island, at the Rhode Island Convention Center and the Westin Providence Hotel was a smashing success! Hosted by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) and ASPRS: The Imaging and Geospatial Information Society, and developed under the leadership of Conference Chair Jay Doody, this meeting proved to be just the right mixture of topics and educational opportunities that attendees were looking for. The goal of this conference was not only to appeal to members of both associations, but to the broader geospatial practitioner community as well. The program consisted mainly of practical application workshops, and more than 850 attendees benefitted from the vast selection that was offered.

ACSM Board of Direction Highlights
Mark your calendars now for future ACSM Annual Meetings:
The 2001 Meeting will be held March 18-21 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 2002 Meeting will be held April 22-26 in Washington, DC, with the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG). The 2003 Meeting, tentatively scheduled for March 14-18, will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. The 2004 Meeting, tentatively scheduled for April 16-21, will be held in Nashville, Tennessee.
The Board endorsed the concept that "ACSM does not have to hold a Fall Conference every year" and granted "the ACSM Staff and the Annual Conference Committee the latitude to pursue non-traditional arrangements for future Fall Meetings."
At the request of the NSPS Board of Directors:
A motion was approved that the ACSM Board endorse and promulgate the concept of a branch licensing approach relative to Photogrammetry and Geodesy as parts of Land Surveying and forward such recommendations to the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES);
A motion was approved that the ACSM Board endorse a proposal from the Nevada Association of Land Surveyors (NALS) regarding joint ACSM/NSPS membership for NALS members; the agreement to be negotiated on an annual basis. The NALS proposal calls for a sliding dues scale based on the percentage of NALS members electing joint ACSM/NSPS/NALS membership; A motion passed approving the October 20, 2000, GIS/LIS Addendum to the Report of the Task Force on the NCEES Model Law and forwarding its recommendation to NCEES. The concepts presented in the Addendum are to be used as guidelines to develop an ACSM position that defines the functions of GIS/LIS that fall within the purview of Professional Surveying. For a copy of the addendum visit
In addition, a change to Bylaw I was approved to change the election procedure to conform with previously approved changes to Article V, Section 13, of the ACSM Constitution that established the calendar year as the fiscal year for ACSM.
Tabled until the Las Vegas meeting: a motion by the NSPS Board that ACSM approve a 5% service fee for state affiliates that are willing to invoice and collect dues for ACSM.

NSPS Board Highlights
The NSPS Board of Directors also:
Directed the NSPS Education Committee to devise a plan for NSPS to sponsor a team competition for surveying students. Teams would consist of three to six surveying students from a school having a recognized surveying program; and
Requested the NSPS Education Committee to formulate a list of potential seminar speakers and make the list available to the state affiliates through the ACSM Website
—Submitted by Ed Miller

81 Countries Celebrate GIS Day 2000
More than 1.5 million people were introduced to GIS on the second annual GIS Day, held November 15, 2000. Events included open houses, map galleries, software demonstrations, tours, and hands-on activities. For example: Sixteen organizations assembled to present GIS-related demonstrations at the historic Minnesota State Capitol. Sponsors in the mid-Atlantic states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey created a Web site that went live on GIS Day to provide K-12 students with a conservation project description, an Internet map server application, and state-specific data sets. Students will submit their completed project via the Internet for judging by the sponsors. More than 1,000 people attended the Canadian Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) Peterborough offices' second annual GIS Day. Visitors were able to digitize maps, test their geographic knowledge with an online quiz, and create their own fly-bys and maps. Other displays included surveying, animal tracking using global positioning system collars, cartography, remote sensing, and watershed analysis. In 2001, GIS Day will be held on November 14 during "Geography Awareness Week." Visit

Minimizing Staff Turnover
The top issues for every firm in the A/E/P and environmental consulting industries right now are staff retention and recruiting. It's been like this since 1996, and it will continue as many professionals leave the industry to seek fame and fortune in the "New Economy." Mick Morrissey, senior vice president of ZweigWhite, Inc. offers seven ways firms can drive down staff turnover in a recent editorial in The Zweig Letter. First and second, don't recruit anyone straight out of school; take the dollars you would have spent on on-campus recruiting, quadruple them, and aggressively recruit talent with two to five years experience. Third, get your ownership transition and expansion program moving. Next, have a definite vision and plan for the future and make it available to everyone. He then says to create a modern, motivating work environment and scrap your mystery-laden bonus program. Finally, as president or CEO, get involved in as many interviews as you can.

Online Mark Recovery Form
NOAA's National Geodetic Survey (NGS) has made it easier to submit recovery information for National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) control points. Control point users may now submit information on the location and condition of NSRS survey markers using a form on the NGS Website. NSRS is the highly accurate, consistent geographic framework for the U.S. It is the foundation for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure, a critical component of the information superhighway. NSRS is a significant national resource—one whose value far exceeds its intended purpose. Cooperation among all control points users is needed in order to preserve this valuable utility for continued use. Activities based on precise location information have increased tremendously in recent years. Many of the benefits we take for granted today depend on complete, correct, and up-to-date control point information. NGS appreciates the important contributions of the host of individuals and groups who have contributed valuable information on the condition of NSRS control pints and looks forward to continuing this vital association. For more information, contact: Mr. Burt Smith at 301-713-3184, e-mail:

FIG International Symposium
The 10th International Symposium on Deformation Measurements, organized by Commission 6 of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), will be held in Orange, California on March 19-22, 2001. The symposium will be hosted by Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in cooperation with the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering of the University of New Brunswick, United States Geological Survey, Scripps Institution of Oceanography's Orbit and Permanent Array Center, and Leica Geosystems.
The symposium's 3-day program will include the following technical sessions:
•Automation of Structural Health/Deformation Monitoring Systems
•New Techniques and Automation of Deformation Measurements in Engineering and Geoscience
•Earth Crustal Deformation Movements and Real-time Monitoring Applications and Earthquake Damage Assessment
•Interdisciplinary Approaches to Deformation Monitoring
•Structural Deformations
•Applications in Mining and Oil Industries
•Theory of Design and Analysis of Deformation Measurements
•Activity of FIG Commission 6 Deformation Working Group
Accompanying the technical presentations will be poster paper sessions and exhibits by industry suppliers. On March 22nd there will be a technical tour that will encompass a visit to Diamond Valley Lake (formerly Eastside Reservoir) near Hemet, California to see the reservoir and its settlement monitoring systems and facilities. This includes a fully automated system using total stations for surface monitoring, a fully automated data acquisition system for collection of internal geotechnical instrumentation data and a crest settlement alarming system using a network of on-site CORS and real-time GPS stations.

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