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John Failla,
I enjoyed your "Guest Editorial: A George Washington Survey" in the May 2007 edition of PSM! I don't know how I missed discovering your article until now.

George Hume was my 6th great grandfather, and family tradition has always been consistent about George Washington receiving surveying instruction from George Hume, among other surveyors in the region. Although I have never seen any hard proof of this instruction, your article seems to indicate a relationship had been established in order for George Washington to obtain a copy of George Hume's original boundary survey or possibly even his original survey notes.

Would it be possible for you to scan the original survey of George Hume and send the image to me, at your convenience? It would be great if it would be possible. Thank you for your consideration!!

Thanks again for your article, and if you have any other information on George Hume I would appreciate it if you could pass it along to me.

Best Regards,
James R. Hume -Wildwood, Missouri

* * *

The August Editor's Desk refers to the Association of Canadian Lands Surveyors, which should be the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors.

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