High Accuracy Terrain Surface Mapping of I-94Freeway in Michigan

In 2007, Aero-Metric was contracted by CH2M HILL to provide engineering-grade airborne survey services for redesign of a busy segment of Interstate I-94 in metropolitan Detroit, from west of I-96 to east of Conner Avenue, including all interchanges. Aero-Metric employed helicopter-based image acquisition to produce a highly accurate terrain surface, obtaining comparable vertical accuracy to ground survey methodologies, while eliminating the risks and logistical challenges of mapping a congested freeway. Aero-Metric delivered a digital terrain model and planimetric maps for CH2M HILL’s use in the engineering design.

“Aero-Metric was very responsive and the team did a good job from beginning to end. The quality of mapping was excellent. This is probably one of the best deliverables we haveever had.” —Thomas Nelson, Jr., V.P. & Project Manager, CH2M HILL

Guardian Gas Pipeline Mapping in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Public Service needed to map a 57 mile corridor in northeast Wisconsin in which a gas pipeline and associated laterals were being installed on a tight time frame during late fall, a period of suboptimal conditions for aerial imagery acquisition. Aero-Metric utilized its Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) and Optech Lidar sensor. The DMC allowed acquiring high resolution digital imagery with excellent contrast even during this low sun angle period. The lidar sensor provided a dense elevation point cloud of the area regardless of lighting conditions. The selected approach allowed Aero-Metric to meet the challenging schedule and deliver 1 ft-contour topographic maps, digital terrain models, and 6” pixel orthophotos. The digital survey data was used by EN Engineering of Woodridge, IL, to design the installation of the gas mainline and underground lateral conduit system.

“We designed 57 miles of pipelines with 17 stations in a year’s time, which was a big undertaking. The way this project was handled was very efficient and professional. Our companies worked very well together.” —David J. Klimas, P.E., EN Engineering

Airport Mapping Solutions in Pennsylvania

The Department of Transportation (PennDot) in Pennsylvania, an FAA Block Grant State, has contracted with AECOM to prepare for implementation of new GPS approaches to the Clearfield-Lawrence, Pottstown-Limerick, and Bradford County airports. As AECOM’s subcontractor Aero-Metric will complete obstruction surveys for each airport in accordance with the new FAA Standards (AC 150 5300 16B, 17B, & 18B). Aero-Metric will work closely with the FAA to ensure compliance with all components of the complex and still evolving standards document. This will include submittal of intermediate deliverables such as Quality Control, Geodetic Control, and Flight Plans to FAA for review before subsequent work proceeds. As aerial imagery is obtained, it will be submitted to the FAA and the National Geodetic Survey for approval, after which the obstruction maps will be derived and uploaded to theFAA website.

Wisconsin Regional Orthophotography Consortium 2010
Aero-Metric has teamed with Ayres Associates to complete the 2010 multi-county imagery acquisition program for The Wisconsin Regional Orthophotography Consortium (WROC). This multi-participant program aims to acquire digital orthoimagery and elevation data throughout Wisconsin, with image acquisition slated for 2010.

The program’s challenge is to establish sustainable relationships among local, regional, and state entities cooperating to acquire consistent orthoimagery and elevation data across many jurisdictional boundaries throughout the state. The program will include image acquisition and processing of color, color IR, and black and white digital orthoimagery at 3-, 6-, 12-, and 18-inch pixel resolutions. Additional mapping deliverables  include digital terrain models, topographic mapping at 1-, 2-, and 4-foot contour intervals, and planimetric mapping.

The 2010 WROC project builds off a successful project led by Ayres Associates, working with several regional planning commissions in 2005. The current effort is designed to meet the imagery needs of the broadest possible range of users. In the previous effort, 35 counties participated. Aero-Metric and Ayers Associates expect this number will be exceeded in 2010.

Galveston Seawall Restoration Mapping in Texas
When hurricane Ike hit Galveston Island in September 2008, the storm surge caused beach erosion and washed away the protective riprap base of the seawall. The US Army Corps of Engineers retained URS Corporation to engineer the seawall restoration. URS’ ground survey subconsultant, Landtech Consultants, Inc., of Houston, Texas, contacted Aero-Metric to provide a mapping solution to accurately model a 7.5 mile segment of the seawall area. Aero-Metric designed a photogrammetric approach using low-altitude aerial photography to capture detailed elevation data and meet the project’s demanding schedule and stringent accuracy standards. Within 12 days after receipt of ground control Aero-Metric delivered a digital terrain model (DTM) and contours to Landtech. Orthophotography with a 0.1’ pixel resolution was delivered shortly thereafter.

“This project went fantastically. Aero-Metric jumped on it immediately and was very responsive. Aero-Metric delivered a great service in good order. The schedule for the project was critical for the Army Corps of Engineers, and Aero-Metric was able to meet our needs in a timely basis.”  —John Bailie, Project Manager, URS

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