Letters to the Editor

Advice for the New Crowd

Dear Tom,

It is with pleasure that I have read the comments by our young practitioners in the recent issues of your magazine. The comments are interesting, especially when read along with Mr. Wilhelm Schmidt's stories about our past.

I am lucky to have been trained under the tutelage of men who graduated college in the 1930s and 1940s. I was taught to pull a chain with a tension meter, measure down a slope breaking chain, and set up a transit and read the vernier with an eyeglass—all the old ways. I have also been fortunate to get my engineering degree and masters in earth science. Old is good, new may be better, both of which are debatable, but we all know that the new is here to stay.

There are two items which our new friends must be aware of and practice. When placing a bearing on the plat, it must be written in the direction it is going. When you use your drafting program to place the bearing and distance, be sure to click and rotate 180 and then annotate the quadrant. At least place an arrow to show the proper direction. Do not forget that the lawyer who is preparing the deed without a suggested deed description from us does not know direction and will write the call as written. Second, only use a scale on your plat that is real. Odd scales to fit the paper are not acceptable.

Good Luck to my young brother and sister surveyors, and, to all of you old-timers, get into the woods now and then.

William G. DeiCas, Surveyor
Twilight, PA

Once a Scout Always a Scout

To the Editor…

In last month's article, "The Next Generation: Some Thoughts on Laser Scanning," the author, Ashley Rose-Nalin, made a tiny mistake. As she was describing Matt Thomas's past she stated that he "was" an Eagle Scout. I am sure that this mistake is just from a lack of knowledge on Scouting, but one is always an Eagle Scout. This is a rank that one holds all throughout their life, even if they are active in Scouting or not. Other than that the article was superb. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading this month's issue!

—Bryan C. Hudreck
Eagle Scout & Surveying Student

Mr. Hudreck,

Thank you very much for the correction. I apologize for not catching that error. That is actually one of the few things I did know about Scouting because I have a younger brother who was involved in Scouting. Thank you again for catching that misrepresentation! I really appreciate your feedback!

—Ashley Rose-Nalin


Landsat Imagery

In the March issue feature "Streamlining the Process," we mistakenly ran a graphic with the wrong caption. The photo on page 27 is a six-inch pixel orthophoto, not a Landsat image; all the Landsat 1G satellite images for this article are on page 29.

Andrew Pickford

In our Aerial Mapping 2008 supplement we misspelled an author's name. The article on page 18, "Evacuation Route Mapping Improved," was written by Andrew Pickford and Fred Czepiga, PLS.


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