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MapText, Inc. Announces Release of Label-EZ 4.0
MapText, Inc., a provider of software for high-quality automated cartographic text placement, has announced release of version 4.0 of its flagship product Label-EZ for many GIS systems. The new version, which was more than a year in development, uses a friendlier, easier-to-use graphical interface and contains numerous enhancements and new capabilities. Improvements have been made in performance and placement quality for area, line, and point feature labels. Some of the more significant new capabilities include batch labeling of maps with different extents from the same dataset, automatic abbreviation that allows use of wild-card characters, placement of point-feature labels and highway shields at an angle conforming to graticule curvature or as specified in an attribute, support for US, EU, and Canadian route symbols, and an enriched set of commands and operators for composing labels from multiple attributes. Accompanying the release of Label-EZ is a set of enhanced Label-Edit extensions for each of the GIS systems that interface with Label-EZ.

LizardTech and LEAD Technologies Team Up
LizardTech, Inc.
has announced its DjVu and MrSID file formats are supported within new LEADTOOLS Version 14, empowering software developers to work far more efficiently than before. LizardTech's MrSID format empowers developers to work more collaboratively and cost effectively, thanks to its unique compression capabilities. Using MrSID, users can instantaneously view and manipulate images, locally and over networks, without sacrificing quality or wasting time. MrSID also enables seamless browsing, updating, and easier archiving. You can pan and zoom seamlessly; multi-resolution capabilities enable you to create clearer images with each mouse click. LizardTech's open-format DjVu technology transforms the process of working with digital images and scanned color image documents, and facilitates highly accurate optimal character recognition (OCR) - even when using color image documents. DjVu image documents are the smallest in the industry, up to 1,000 times smaller than TIFF files, and anywhere from 5 to 100 times smaller than JPEGs or PDFs. Using DjVu, users can work more intuitively by eliminating repetitive tasks, freeing up hours of time for innovation and invention.

Leica Photogrammetry Suite Now Available
Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping
is pleased to announce that the new Leica Photogrammetry Suite is now shipping worldwide. The Leica Photogrammetry Suite (LPS) is a seamlessly integrated suite of digital photogrammetry products that empowers users to transform raw imagery into reliable data layers required for all digital mapping, GIS analysis, and 3D visualization. LPS is fully compatible with Leica Geosystems' flagship geographic imaging software suite, ERDAS IMAGINE 8.7, now also available worldwide. LPS is the first step in Leica Geosystems' next generation products that streamline workflow from data capture through finished data.

ArcWeb for Developers Now Includes Many New Data Sources
ESRI has announced the inclusion of several new data sources in ArcWeb for Developers. Subscribers to ArcWeb for Developers can now obtain instant access via the Web to real-time traffic information from TrafficCast, current weather from Meteorlogix, recent earthquakes from the U.S. Geological Survey, and much more. ArcWeb for Developers also offers the ability to perform routing and geocoding on Tele Atlas MultiNet street data for the U.S. in addition to existing routing capabilities on GDT Dynamap/2000 and Tele Atlas MultiNet street data for Europe.ArcWeb for Developers enables users to access dynamic maps, determine the locations of street addresses, generate routes and multilingual driving directions between multiple locations, find nearest real-time events, discover information about a location, specify projections, upload user-defined points of interest for geocoding, and more.

Improved SOCET SET
Version 5.1 of BAE Systems' SOCET SET features improvements to its already powerful terrain extraction tools which promise to greatly reduce terrain processing time. A new multi-processor function utilizes the power of multiple CPUs to improve the speed of extracting terrain by 50 percent or better, depending on the machine and the number of CPUs in use. In addition, the SEED DTM function has been enhanced to directly seed the elevation values over posts, or to interpolate the elevation values that fall within the area of the seed. This decreases the number of posts that the Automatic Terrain Extraction tool must calculate which also reduces processing time. SOCET SET 5.1 will be released in March 2004.


3001 Inc. to Work on Regulatory Agency's ADS40 Project
Prime contractor, 3001, in conjunction with Horizons, Inc., EarthData and North West Group recently began work for the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) in production of orthophotography using the Leica Geosystems ADS40 Digital Airborne Sensor. The team will map a 12,400-square-mile area extending from Jacksonville, Florida, south to Vero Beach, Florida, covering approximately one-fifth of the state. The imagery will be processed to coincide with existing Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangle (DOQQ) boundaries at 1-meter pixel resolution. A total of 856 DOQQs are included in the SJRWMD project area. True color and color-infrared imagery will be delivered in 16-bit and eight-bit GeoTIFF format. In addition, 12-bit, level-zero panchromatic data will be provided to SJRWMD. The team will use a Web-tracker to update the project's status daily.

Avatech Solutions' Online Assessment Testing Maximizes Productivity
Avatech Solutions, Inc. announced the latest in its line of custom services: Online Assessment Testing for Autodesk software including AutoCAD, Autodesk Architectural Desktop, Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Land Desktop. Clark Nexsen, a full-service architecture and engineering firm headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, has benefited greatly from the new service that includes customized assessment testing, implementation and training. Using a series of targeted surveys and interviewing techniques, more than 150 Clark Nexsen engineers, designers, and architects will receive customized training by Avatech based on each individual's skill level significantly enabling the company to best utilize the latest Autodesk Architectural Desktop software and maximize return on investment. Avatech employed their proprietary, systematic approach with Clark Nexsen. Engineers, designers, and architects were polled via an online assessment test and personally interviewed to determine not only technical levels, but also how people interact professionally within the office. Features and benefits of Avatech Solutions' Online Assessment include:

-- Justify the cost and time for training by proving a quick return-on-investment backed by quantitative data about how much employees have learned

-- Create a custom training program that focuses on the important elements in a firms' design process

-- Accurately assess users' skill set and potential hires' skill set

-- Identify workflow processes that could be streamlined or automated

-- Identify implementation issues before they become issues


Crain Appoints Raymer
Crain Enterprises, Inc., Mound City, IL, announces the appointment of Keith Raymer as Business Development Manager for Surveying Products where he will provide leadership and support in the marketing and sales of Crain's innovative line of surveying products. Raymer comes to Crain after a twenty-six year relationship with Sokkia Corporation.


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