ACSM Update: New Structure of ACSM Congress

New Structure of ACSM Congress


During the time that has elapsed since the membership voted to change ACSM's governance structure, those in the leadership positions for its four Member Organizations have been busy preparing for the transition.

While the ACSM Headquarters staff shoulders most of the load in setting up and carrying out the mechanisms by which ACSM will function administratively, a body of Delegates (to be appropriately known as the "Congress") oversees the coordination for implementing activities jointly undertaken by the Member Organizations, and those activities assigned to the Congress by the Member Organizations.

In preparing for the January 1, 2004 transition date, each Member Organization has appointed two Delegates and one alternate to the Congress. A Chair has been elected by the Congress Delegates from among themselves, and a rotation has been established among the Member Organizations for the Chair-Elect position. Upon assuming the role of Chair, a Delegate ceases to function as such and the Member Organization of which the Chair is a member selects a replacement Delegate.

Ed McKay, a Delegate representing AAGS, has been elected Chair for 2004. Under the former ACSM structure, Ed would have been the ACSM President for 2004. The rotation for the selection of the Chair-Elect will be GLIS, NSPS, CAGIS, AAGS. Congress Delegate Rebecca Somers has been selected by GLIS as Chair-Elect. The delegates have chosen John Matonich (NSPS) as the Treasurer for a three-year term.

With the Congress Delegation established, delegates have begun preliminary discussions regarding myriad issues associated with operating within the new structure in which they will not be the governing body. Paramount among these issues is maintaining the viability of ACSM as a strong national organization with diverse independent components, and assuring that the reputation and influence enjoyed by ACSM throughout its 62-year history continues to flourish. While each of the Member Organizations is desirous of either establishing or enhancing a presence in its own right, there is a clear understanding among them of the critical importance attached to ACSM's standing in the geospatial world.

Initial ACSM Congress Delegation

Chair (from AAGS): Ed McKay
AAGS: Wes Parks, Dan Martin,
Morris Heintzen (Alt.)

CAGIS: Tim Trainor, Eric Anderson,
Robert Cromley (Alt.)

GLIS: Lyn DiBiase, Rebecca Somers (Chair-Elect), Josh Greenfield (Alt.)

NSPS: John Fenn, John Matonich (Treasurer), John Abenroth (Alt.)

Secretary: Curt Sumner, ACSM Executive Director

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