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GIS Monitor is an electronic newsletter we produced from August 2000 to December of 2007, focusing on the developing field of GIS and related technologies and industries.

Matteo Luccio, MS, served as GIS Monitor's editor from 2005 to its last issue.  He is the president of Pale Blue Dot Research, Writing, and Editing, LLC that specializes in public policy and geospatial technologies.




GIS Monitor Archives

To search for a particular issue from among the PSM archives, go to the OUR MAGAZINE tab and click on Archives (or click here).  Once you're on that page, expand the list of issues shown to access our earlier issues, with GIS Monitor among them. 

Although the Monitor was originally published weekly, we have grouped weekly issues into monthly installments to streamline the archiving process. 

If you would like to view/reprint material from a particular article and can't find it here yet, please contact us.

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