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Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone can shed some light on an issue I'm having, because I've run out of ideas.

I'm a surveyor for a construction company and I've just moved to a new city and I'm attempting to get my current job control points all squared away. Here's my saga:

-First day here I checked the legal survey with my the Nikon 632 that they had on site. I came up with a shortfall of 8mm between two of their points (over 52m) and slightly more between two others that were 61m apart.

-I got the legal guys to come back and re-confirm their survey, which they did. Their Leica had been calibrated a week prior to coming to site so everything on their end should be perfect.

-I assumed the EDM on my machine must be out, so I sent it away for calibration and got a loaner Nikon Nivo.

-Same results.

-Got another loaner, same results.

-I moved the station inside, and on a flat floor, taped out about 45m. Station reported a distance that was 7mm short. I then tested at half that distance and the error was 4mm.

-I've tried these tests using 2 different backsight prisms, a brand new mini-prism, AND reflectorless.

-Temperature and pressure correction is on, prism constants are correct.

Both the rental company (Cansel) and a professional surveyor friend of mine I've talked to on the phone have no clue what the problem could be.

My only thought is that the stations I'm using are coming from 1 province over, which is about 500m about sea level higher than where I'm located. I don't imagine that would make much if any difference, but it's my only thought, at this point.

  Friday, January 17, 2014 at 4:41:22 PM

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