Introducing Flatdog Media

Ownership of Professional Surveyor Magazine was transferred on February 5, 2010 from Reed Business, a Dutch-owned company, to Neil Sandler, who has served as publisher of the magazine for the past six years. The company that publishes the magazine has been renamed Flatdog Media, Inc. and is headquartered at new offices in Frederick, Maryland. The new owner assures all readers and advertisers a “seamless” transition.

“This is an investment in a product and a team that is amazing in its capabilities,” Sandler said in making this transaction public. “Our resolve is to strengthen the profession of which we are a part. This is one of many planned steps to increase our involvement with the surveying community.

“As with any technology-driven industry, the surveying industry is currently undergoing a transition,” Sandler continued. “From speaking with many of our industry’s leading authorities, I am thoroughly convinced that those who are willing to upgrade their skill sets and invest in themselves and their businesses will thrive in the years ahead.  There is a very bright future in this industry for those who invest in it.”

Flatdog Media’s new offices are located at

20 West Third Street
Frederick, Maryland 21701

in the midst of the city’s bustling business district.  The company phone, fax and email addresses remain the same:

ph: 301-682-6101
fax 301-682-6105

Professional Surveyor Magazine is in its 29th year of being North America’s leading source of news and information for the surveying and mapping community.

Note: “Flatdog” in Flatdog Media is the nickname Sandler used for his beloved first pet, an adopted chihuahua named Ashley.  It best describes how she reclined with all four legs splayed in front of the fireplace.

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