DCALS SEMINAR: Land Surveying In the District of Columbia

Date: 11/9/2012

"Land Surveying in the District of Columbia . . . from "A" to "Z"

Please join us at Gallaudet University Conference Center in Washington DC, on Friday November 9, 2012, for a comprehensive all-day seminar on Land Surveying in the District of Columbia.

This top-quality tutorial, only offered by DCALS once every few years, gets better each time it's presented. November 9 is no exception. Featured will be an enhanced Boundary Surveying session - the best we've ever had - plus some neat, never-before-taught mathematical formulas, derived specifically for DC work by licensed-and-registered land surveyor Alan Schiffer, which really saves time and effort in the field.

Also covered will be the many confusing complexities of surveying in the District of Columbia --- to keep you and your projects out of trouble. DC's procedures, rules and practices all differ from other states, and there's little guidance put forth by the city. This seminar presents the best explanation of Washington's complicated land-use 'system' available anywhere.

Things like Tax Lots, Record Lots, Parcels, Theoretical Lots, Air-Rights Lots, Subdividing, 'Record vs. Measured,' Condominiums, Zoning, Types of Plats, 'Highway Plans,' US Reservations, Named Public Alleys, Transfers-of-Jurisdiction, 'Developer Subdivisions,' Alley Lots, Types of Squares, Public & Private Streets and Alleys, Building Plats, Datums, ‘Hierarchy’ of Monumentation --- all the many DC factors you need to keep straight --- plus Licensing, Registration, little 'Tricks-of-the-Trade,' and how everything affects the way you survey, are all covered.

A single day is not enough to teach DC surveying --- but our instructors are experts with decades of experience. We ‘start at the beginning' and cover all we can in eight rapid hours. Free garage parking, continental breakfast, Gallaudet's great lunch, and break snacks are included. Outcome Measures will be conducted, and Certificates for continuing education credits will be awarded by DCALS to all licensed attendees.

So we urge you to join us, at Gallaudet University Conference Center on Friday November 9. This session is jam-packed with useful information. It’s highly recommended for DC's licensing exam, as well as for all surveyors, engineers and other professionals who deal with land development in Washington DC. We’ll see you there.

WHEN: Friday, November 9, 20127:00 AM - 5:00 PM
WHERE: Gallaudet University's Kellogg Conference Center
800 Florida Avenue, N.E., Washington, District of Columbia 20002
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RSVP: Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Location: Gallaudet University Conference Center
800 Florida Avenue, N.E., Washington, DC 20002

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