Dates: 4/2/2014 - 4/4/2014


In agriculture, the use of geo-spatial information and technology has increased rapidly. For the 5th time the Community on Agricultural Policy Implementation and Geo Information (CAPIGI) organizes a conference and brings together geo-spatial experts in the agricultural domain from governments, industry, science and farmers to share experiences, innovations and insights. CAPIGI 2014 will be organized in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) from 2 to 4 April 2014. Sign up to CAPIGI 2014 today at, as the registration is now open and take advantage of the early bird fee that expires February 14th.

With the growing relevance of sustainability and traceability, the subject of precision farming becomes increasingly relevant to governments, policies and industry. The greening, as part of the new CAP, as well as climate smart agriculture (GHG reductions) can be seen as a step towards more responsibility for farmers in being and proving compliance with regulations. Precision Farming is not only knowing what to do - where and when, but also knowing what has been done where and when.

CAPIGI connects farmers, governments, researchers and industry on their way to the future! The conference offers a platform to discuss good practices and the added value of spatial applications in smart and sustainable farming. These will be parts of the connection to show and improve the future use of spatial information in support of agricultural policies and the agricultural practice as a whole.
CAPIGI 2014 will contain the following subjects:
  • Closing the innovation gap - European Innovation Partnerships in Sustainable Agriculture;
  • Space technology for agriculture - European Flagship programs GALILEO and COPERNICUS;
  • INSPIRE programme and its relevance for agriculture;
  • Climate Smart Agriculture - Reducing land use change and nitrogen emissions;
  • Spatial Data Analysis - On farm use of spatial data and analysis;
  • Linked Open Data - Use of Public Sector Information for agriculture and food;
  • Use of UAVs in crop monitoring - Opportunities and barriers for adoption;
  • Machine Guidance systems - GNSS as enabler of innovative farm operations and documentation;
  • Precision Livestock Farming - Sensoring and monitoring in stables and pastures and
  • many, many more...

CAPIGI 2014 is a happening that offers networking, interactions and the exchange of ideas and knowledge in three days. The conference combines relevant content with a social interactive programme to make the most of your participation. CAPIGI 2014 expects 150-200 participants from all European Member States. Curious about the event? Please visit the website at and learn more about CAPIGI 2014. Register before 14-02-2014 and take advantage of the early bird fee! Not to be published! For contacts through the media only.

For CAPIGI:; AeroVision BV, Naarden (NL), +31 (0) 6 131 583 18

For more information please visit

Location: Amsterdam

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