These are a few of our most recent photo contest winners. 

Steven LaCorte (February)

PSM columnist Thomas LaCorte submitted our winning photo on behalf of his brother.  Steven captured this image of a "1959 survey monument on the east rim of the Colorado river, looking NE at Horse Shoe Bend near the town of Page, AZ."  Below is an image of the top of the marker.

Luke Smith (August)

Luke works for Doucet Survey, Inc. out of Newmarket, New Hampshire.  They specialize in boundary, topography, and construction surveys and currently employ eight people.  Luke is a CST survey technician with the company.

He says, "My co-worker Pat Sharkey and I were working on a large topography survey located in Portsmouth.  We were both running robotic instruments, and my co-worker was using a Geodimeter 600 with a Trimble Ranger. The image was taken during a brisk morning at the end of October."

Robert W. Snow, L.S.I.T. from Herald, California

Robert reports that this photo was taken by a crew member, Abdul Khan. "At the time, he and I worked for Wood-Rodgers Inc. in Sacramento, California. He was scanning a large section of the deck of the Golden Gate Bridge, and I was supporting him with horizontal and vertical checks with a Trimble instrument."

"I can't divulge a lot of information regarding our work, but I can say that we were all over that bridge during the course of our work. We had full access to the maintenance 'cat walks' that go under the bridge and what a cool perspective we had from there."

In this picture "the scanner is collecting data on the east walkway at  the north end of the bridge. The photo was taken early in the morning and does not show how many people use the pedestrian path during the middle of the day. It gets crazy! I have never answered so many questions in my life."

"I have been in the profession for less than six years now and I can honestly say that is has taken me to the most interesting locations. I day set-up on the Golden Gate and a week later out in a quiet field somewhere all alone. What a cool job we have!"

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