Aerial Mapping Fall 2012

Aerial Perspective

Privacy & UAS

Two issues-privacy and UAS (unmanned aerial systems)-will have a more profound impact on the ability of aerial mapping firms to operate in the U.S. market in the coming months than any technology change experienced in the past 20 years.
     While the advent of digital aerial sensors, GPS, IMUs, lidar and other technological advancements have revolutionized aerial mapping in recent years, firms engaged in the aerial mapping profession are now confronting a serious threat and potential opportunity.  And the two are not unrelated.
    In March 2012, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a final report, "Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change" providing recommended actions for businesses and policy makers to protect consumers' private information.  The report seeks to regulate the collection, sharing, or use of "precise geolocation data" about a citizen, requiring the "affirmative express consent" or advance approval of each such citizen.
     While FTC had previously indicated that a definition of the term "precise geolocation data" or an exception for the legal, legitimate, and ordinary activities in the professional geospatial practice would be included in the Commission's final report, no such exemption or clarification was included.  The Coalition of Geospatial Organizations (COGO) has appealed to the Chariman of the FTC for such an exclusion.
     "The revisions, additions and clarifications COGO has suggested would provide clarity with respect to parcels and addresses," said Jeff Lovin "Woolpert, Inc., Dayton, OH), MAPPS Delegate to COGO, who originated the letter.  "One footnote in a 122-age report does not go far enough to protect areas of professional services that have not been identified as a problem or pose any privacy concern to citizens."
     Privacy invasion by UAS has also caught the attention of Congress.
     Presently, only government and certain government-sanctioned entities can fly unmanned vehicles in the national airspace of the United States.
     That changed on February 14, 2012, when President Obama signed Public Law 112-95, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.  This new law instructs the FAA to release a proposed rule that will establish policies, procedures, and standards for a wide spectrum of users in the small civil, commercial, unmanned aerial system UAS community.  That will include aerial imagery and aerial survey data collection operations.
     Speaking at the MAPPS summer conference in Snowmass, CO in July, Randy Willis, acting air traffic manager in the FAA's UAS Integration office, said proposed regulations will "enable small UAS to perate safely in limited portions of the NAS and gather data."  He said rules will enable the widest range of activity that can be safely conducted within the shortest rulemaking timeframe.  A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking will be release later this year.
     As government use of UAS transitions from military operations overseas to domestic uses by civil agencies, concerns for the privacy of U.S. citizens have grown.  Several legislative proposals have been introduced in Congress to restrict UAV surveillance by government agencies or contractors.  One such bill, stating, "a person or entity acting under the authority of the United States shall not use a drone to gather evidence or other information pertaining to criminal conduct or conduct in violation of a regulation except to the extent authorized in a warrant" could affect crop monitoring, pollution, and other activities for which conventional aerial photography is now used.  Such manned aerial surveillance and enforcement was upheld as constitutional by the Supremce Court in Dow Chemical Co v United States (476 U.S. 227 (1986)).
     In its 1986 decision, the court found, "It may well be, as the Government concedes, that surveillance of private proerty by using highly sophisticated surveillance equipment not generally available to the public, such as satellite technology might be constitutionally proscribed absent a warrant.  But the photographs here are not so revealing of intimate details as to raise constitutional concerns.  Although they undoubtedly give EPA more detailed information than naked-eye views, they remain limited to an outline of the facility's buildings and equipment.  The mere fact that human vision is enhanced somewhat, at least to the degree here, does not give rise to constitutional problems."
     Since that time, commercial remote sensing satellites have entered the market and such imagery is generally available to the public."  Absent new legislation, the availability of imagery from a UAS and its use by a government agency or its private contractor (as was the case in Dow), may ultimately be settled in court.

~John Palatiello

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Aerial Mapping Spring 2012

Editor's Desk

Welcome to the spring 2012 edition of Aerial Mapping, the seventh year for this publication.

“Spring edition?” you may wonder. Yes, demand for
Professional Surveyor Magazine’s Aerial Mapping special has exploded, and we will be introducing our now bi-annual edition this fall. We are currently soliciting articles for this fall issue and also welcome topics to cover in PSM’s very popular Aerial Perspectives column.

Check out this edition’s informative, technical articles on topics ranging from image acquisition and internet distribution by Surdex, to Wilson & Company’s historic watershed mapping for the Albuquerque USACE, to Geo-Cue’s advanced data dissemination techniques employed by the NGS. You will also find an account of the USDA Agriculture Research Service’s use of UAVs to obtain high-resolution sensing for range management.

I always enjoy catching up with my colleagues by reading the interesting case studies and company profiles here, which continually evolve to reflect the demands of the marketplace.

While 2011 was a flat continuation of The Great Recession, the outlook for 2012 in the aerial mapping world appears improved.

Many smaller firms are surviving on a fraction of their pre-recession volume. I touched base with my friend, Gerrie DeGross, PLS, proprietor of DeGross Aerial Mapping in Bothell, Washington. Gerrie and his son Mark are working principals and now the sole remaining employees in their tiny photogrammetry shop that Gerrie founded in 1984. He said that his volume of business dropped by half each year from 2008 through 2010 but leveled off in 2011.

On a more optimistic note, some bigger firms with broader service offerings and diverse client bases report that they are not only surviving but prospering. Pat Olson, CP, PE, PLS, president of AeroMetric, a national firm with a staff of about 240, told me that his company “achieved a near-record volume in 2011, and we are confident that we will surpass that in 2012 by a substantial margin.” He said he is seeing increasing opportunities in 2012 in the sectors of transportation, environmental remediation, and energy (including possible mapping for the controversial Keystone pipeline corridor). Pat added that “lidar is red-hot for transportation,” so his firm just acquired their third lidar sensor.

Whatever the size of your business, I know you will give 2012 your best effort, and I wish you all success. Drop me a line to let me know how you are doing, even with some suggestions on ways we can grow as a profession.

~Jim Crabtree

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Corporate Profiles



Aerial Mapping Fall 2012: Feature Articles

Lidar Reveals Hidden Angkor Ruins

An aerial lidar survey provides archaeologists with new insight to help uncover the secrets of Angkor’s ancient civilization in Cambodia.
Francisco Gonçalves

Aerial Mapping in Paradise

Inclement and unpredictable weather greatly delays a much-needed aerial survey of Bermuda, but the practice proves worthwhile for the surveyors and the project.
David A. Webb, CP

Seemless Transition

Southern Resources Mapping Corp. (SRMC) has provided aerial photography and derived digital terrain models of the Red Hills Mine in Mississippi since 2003. Since then, they have expanded aerial mapping into every phase of coal mining by upgrading to digital imaging.

Kevin P. Corbley

Flight School

Taking a Surveying UAS for a Spin
Gavin Schrock, PLS

Is it Legal?

Can we lease our aircraft with pilot to another company so that they can use their sensor and/or operator to perform an aerial survey mission? A review of the FAA legal interpretations concerning aerial work operations.
Gregory S. Winton, Esq.

Aerial Mapping Spring 2012: Feature Articles

Crucial Post-tornado Imagery

The Joplin, Missouri tornado disaster called for emergency search-and-rescue and clean-up missions. A local geospatial services firm responded productively with fast image acquisition and immediate internet distribution.

Craig Molander

Sediment Mapping by Air

The Albuquerque Corps of Engineers contracts the development of geospatial data to monitor sedimentation in New Mexico’s Cochiti Reservoir.
John Peterson, Daniel Paulsen, and Nathan Kempf

Mapping Rangelands with Unmanned Aircraft

At Jornada Experimental Range in southern New Mexico, ongoing research is aimed at determining the utility of UAS for rangeland mapping and monitoring and developing an operational UAS-based remote sensing program for ecological applications.

Andrea Laliberte

Workflow Integration at the National Geodetic Survey

Implementation of a new workflow solution allows the NGS to easily manage multiple, large projects with fewer resources.
Stephen White and Steve Riddell

Aerial Mapping Fall 2012: Case Studies

Leica Geosystems

McElhanney Finds Two New Applications for Lidar in Mining

Airborne lidar is a fast and relatively inexpensive means of gathering topographic information critical to the success and safety of mining operations.  McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, has introduced two new bare-earth mapping services developed specifically for the exploration and exploitation phases of the mining industry.


Optech CZMIL: Catching the Next Wave (and the Wave's Data)

Advances in airborne lidar technology have been incremental but continuous over the past several years.  As the industry grows and new applications arise, efforts to streamline the processing workflow grow increasingly important, because the data stream in today's projects often includes inputs from multiple sensors such as lidar, multispectral scanners, and digital cameras.


Ever Tried to Survey Sawdust?

microdrones can operate at small heights not allowed for planes, e.g. 80m.  This introduces microdrones to the field of topography, actually achieving topographic precisions, microdrones are ideal for urban areas, medium- or large- sized rural works, or places with difficult access.

Microsoft Ultracam Product Group

Aerial Surveyor Captures Efficiency and Innovation with Digital Camera Upgrade

Driven to continue to produce superior images for its customers and to stay ahead of the competition, Keystone wanted to ensure that its cameras were always leading edge and not approaching obsolescence. “There is a lot of competition from other companies,” says Ken Potter, Executive Vice President at Keystone Aerial Surveys. “We have to be state-of-the-art in order to offer our clients what they need.”
Microsoft UltraCam Product Group and Keystone Aerial Surveys

MidWest Aerial Photography

Midwest Aerial Devises Custom Collection Strategy to Acquire True Orthoimagery of Canadian Capital

Concerned with the potential for building lean in aerial imagery over downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s National Capital Commission released an RFP calling for acquisition and delivery of true orthoimagery in which every pavement edge and sidewalk would be clearly visible between tall buildings. TDB Consultants Inc., a Canadian resource management firm, teamed with Midwest Aerial Photography to provide distortion-free orthomosaics that met the Commission’s stringent specifications.

Trimble Navigation Limited

Cornerstone Mapping, the Trimble Digital Sensor System (DSS) and an Infrared Imager: A Case Study in Collaboration & Innovation

Cornerstone Mapping (, based in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a small aerial survey and mapping organization prominent in the geomatics community for providing specialized geospatial image data. The company was formed in 2002 with a mandate of providing high-resolution digital imaging to the growing local GIS community. With a “get-it-done” confidence, Cornerstone has successfully delivered many demanding and unique projects over the past 10 years. To do this they operate two airplanes (a single-engine Cessna 182 and a Piper Saratoga) along with the turnkey Trimble Digital Sensor System (DSS).


VQ-820-G/Bathymetric Demo Case Study

The demand for accurate data and reliable performance is consistently required in the laser scanning industry. In the fields of hydrography and bathymetry, high-resolution and high-precision laser scanners, such as the RIEGL VQ-820-G, are necessary in order to produce data of the highest quality and precision. The deliverable renders the most precise information for accurately monitoring hydrographic and bathymetric requirements.

Aerial Mapping Spring 2012: Case Studies

Leica Geosystems

Midwest Aerial Selects Z/I DMC II 140 for Low-altitude, Engineering-grade Mapping

In spring 2011, redevelopment plans called for mapping a 45-acre section just west of Millennium Park, known as North Grant Park, at engineering-grade spatial resolution and accuracy. Fittingly for a site that prides itself in promoting cutting-edge cultural arts, project participants selected a state-of-the-art digital airborne camera system—the Z/I Imaging Z/I DMC II-140—to acquire the high-quality aerial mapping required for the redevelopment.
Kevin P. Corbley


Power Line Detection and Lidar Sensor Limits

Acquiring lidar data from power lines using a helicopter-based platform is a growing market. To be successful in this market the lidar solution must have exceptional line detection and measurement capabilities. Line detectability is critical for two reasons: accurate modeling and ancillary information collection. In both areas, Optech’s ALTM Orion C200 corridor mapper has demonstrated an impressive ability to capture information in remarkable detail.
Matt Bethel and Michael Sitar

Microsoft Ultracam Product Group

Aerial Surveyor Captures Efficiency and Innovation with Digital Camera Upgrade

Driven to continue to produce superior images for its customers and to stay ahead of the competition, Keystone wanted to ensure that its cameras were always leading edge and not approaching obsolescence. “There is a lot of competition from other companies,” says Ken Potter, Executive Vice President at Keystone Aerial Surveys. “We have to be state-of-the-art in order to offer our clients what they need.”
Microsoft UltraCam Product Group and Keystone Aerial Surveys

MidWest Aerial Photography

Midwest Aerial Demonstrates Benefits of Digital Acquisition in Ottawa National Forest

Just four days after receiving the notice to proceed from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Midwest Aerial Photography had its aircraft onsite and ready to acquire digital imagery of the Ottawa National Forest in Michigan. And six days later, the aerial firm had successfully completed collection of 30-cm image data over the entire one-million acre national forest during an extremely tight acquisition window.
Kevin P. Corbley

Vision Map LLC

A3 System for NAIP Projects—Typical Scenarios

The highly efficient VisionMap A3 camera can acquire the full area of Colorado in a mere 46 hours of flying, less than 40% of the time required by a typical camera. With 60,000 pixels across track, a flying altitude of 35,000 feet and acquisition velocity of 380 knots, the A3 system can cover the target area quickly and efficiently while delivering ground resolution of 35cm. With required resolution of only 1m, the raw data can be processed into high resolution products without re-flying the area of interest for further savings.

Aerial Mapping 2012: Corporate Profiles

Aerial Data Service
Aerial Services Inc.
Blue Skies
Cardinal Systems, LLC
Dynamic Aviation
GeoCue Corporation
Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc.
Leica Geosystems
Merrick & Company

Midwest Aerial Photography
Phase One Industrial
PCI Geomatics
SimActive, Inc.
Surveying and Mapping, Inc.
Surdex Corporation
Valley Air Photos
Wilson & Company

Aerial Data Service

8301 E. 51st Street, Ste. 100, Tulsa, OK 74145-9046
918-622-4144 • 800-888-9163 • Fax: 918-622-4119

Aerial Data Service, Inc. is the largest full service photogrammetric firm in the State of Oklahoma.  With our offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Austin, Texas, ADS provides aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping services to hundreds of engineering firms and governmental agencies across the country.

Established in 1964, ADS became incorporated in 1973 and a 100-percent woman-owned firm in 1984.  ADS currently employs a staff of 29, including three American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Certified Photogrammetrists, two Geographic Information Systems Professionals (GISP), one Registered Land Surveyors, and two ATP Rated Professional Pilots, who together comprise over 100 years of cumulative experience.

ADS provides mobile LiDAR scanning and ground based laser scanning for 3-D modeling and as-built mapping.  The laser system virtually covers the subject area with laser pulses, producing a point cloud of data.  Our Lynx Mobile Mapper survey system collects engineering/survey grade LiDAR data over large areas at highway speed and with accuracy that exceeds airborne technologies.

Using some of the most sophisticated technology and exceptional aerial imagery, we can provide digital 3D mapping services to be used alone or with GIS modeling software.  See the world the way it truly is, with unmatched clarity and accuracy.  Call or visit our website

No matter what that photogrammetric requirement, you can count on ADS to meet it. 

Aerial Services, Inc.

6315 Chancellor Drive, P.O. Box 336, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613
319-277-0436 • Fax 866-800-4799 • 877-ASI-4GIS
Contact: Mike Tully, President & CEO • Joshua McNary, Marketing Manager

Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI) is an established provider of geospatial solutions. With their experienced team of professionals, Aerial Services will exceed your expectations and deliver on their promises.

Start To Finish They Make Your Life Easier
Aerial Services can take your mapping project from initial concept to final application. They will start by working with you to determine your specific needs. Then, they will deploy flight crews to acquire aerial photography and/or LiDAR, execute post-processing of data, develop spatially accurate maps, and deliver the software you need.

Helping You Meet Your Needs
Aerial Services works with you to ensure your mapping objectives are achieved. They will ask the right questions to develop a plan of action and deliver on those promises. If a change in plan arises, they will make it right by creating an acceptable solution.

Current Technology Solving Your Problems
Technology is always evolving in the geospatial profession.  Aerial Services embraces this technology to increase the efficiency of your project.  They currently fly two state-of-the-art Leica Aerial Digital Sensors (ADS80).  This allows them to provide value added options and solutions that make your life easier.

Midwestern Work Ethic Means Success
Located in the charming Midwestern town of Cedar Falls, Iowa, Aerial Services provides all of the services of the large geospatial providers with the attention to detail and personal service of smaller operations. Their four decades of experience backs up this claim with repeat customers from utility giants, engineering firms, all levels of government, and many other sectors.


40 West Oakland Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
801-487-3273 • Fax 801-487-3313

Aero-Graphics now utilizes a state-of-the-art LiDAR sensor and multiple cameras on a helicopter platform for low altitude, high point density project requirements.

Aero-Graphics supplies comprehensive geospatial mapping products to customers throughout the United States. Aero-Graphics was the first company in the Intermountain West to implement a fully digital map compilation environment through acquisition of a large format digital camera and lidar sensor. In addition, we have created a solution that allows us to mount a lidar sensor, medium format vertical camera, and an oblique video/still camera on a helicopter platform for low altitude, high point density project requirements.  As an industry leader, Aero-Graphics specializes in high-quality digital mapping delivered on schedule at competitive prices. We continue to make a concerted effort to remain at the forefront of mapping technology, thus providing customers with the best possible results.

Aero-Graphics owns and operates a full-time aerial acquisition service, allowing for complete control of its flight schedule.  With two professional land surveyors and five certified photogrammetrists on staff, we ensure the highest quality mapping standards are adhered to.  The latest lidar processing and softcopy systems are utilized to produce digital topographic mapping, bare-earth and custom-classified point data sets, and orthorectified imagery for clients in government, civil engineering, mining, and utility sectors. At Aero-Graphics, we don’t just get the job done – we get it done right, on schedule, and on budget – the first time, every time.

AeroMetric, Inc.

Locations in Alaska, Colorado, Minnesota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin • 

AeroMetric continuously looks for the best solutions
to our clients’ geospatial challenges.

With five production locations across the United States, Aero-Metric, Inc.(AeroMetric) is one of the largest and most experienced full service geospatial solutions companies in the nation.The firm has a long tradition of consistent performance and enduring client relationships built on over eight decades of quality service.

AeroMetric’s client base includes many of the top North American engineering and industrial firms, seaports and airports, energy suppliers, mine and landfill operators, as well as a host of federal, state and local government agencies.  AeroMetric continuously looks for the best solutions to our clients’ geospatial challenges. AeroMetric is well known for its on-target geospatial solutions in conjunction with urban and regional planning, feasibility studies, infrastructure mapping, engineering design and construction, temporal change detection and assessment, homeland security,emergency response, and many other applications. 

AeroMetric has the experienced staff,technical expertise, and resources to enable consistency, quality and performance on challenging geospatial projects from multi-site spot aerial surveys to large state-wide mapping programs. Our staff includes surveyors, pilots, engineers, and photogrammetrists, as well as mapping scientists and GIS specialists.  Give us a call to discuss your next project.

Blue Skies Consulting, LLC

100 Blue Skies Dr, PO Box 1611 Belen, NM 87002
505-864-3700 • Fax 505-864-9393 •

Blue Skies is a woman-owned small business and is certified as a
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Since 1999, Blue Skies has specialized in aerial photography for mapping and remote sensing applications for federal and private sector clients. Blue Skies is a woman-owned small business and is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program and the New Mexico Unified Certification Program. In 2005, Blue Skies’ quality management system for aerial photography for mapping and surveying applications became ISO certified and is currently certified to the latest ISO 9001:2008 standard.

In October of 2011, Blue Skies took delivery of the only photogrammetric digital mapping camera in the state of New Mexico. The new Microsoft UltraCam Lp (11,704 x 7920 pixels) is equipped with 5-hertz airborne GPS and a Northrup Grumman LN-200 Inertial Measurement Unit. The camera system is fully integrated with a Leica Geosystems gyro-stabilized camera mount and the Track ‘Air flight management system. The new camera system has filled a void in the local marketplace with a modern camera system equipped with the latest technology.

Blue Skies does more for its customers than provide superior quality imagery. As a small business, we take a team- oriented approach to ensure the greatest success for your projects. We ensure that we understand what your project requirements are, assist with flight planning and control layout, coordinate the flight schedule for optimal acquisition parameters, and deliver the highest-quality imagery and metadata in a timely fashion. As a testament to our commitment to our customers, Blue Skies was awarded the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year for 2003 and, more recently, the USDA Farm Service Agency’s Woman-Owned Business Contractor of the Year for 2010.

Cardinal Systems, LLC

701 N Oceanshore Boulevard Flagler Beach, FL 32136
386-439-2525 • Fax 386-439-0259 •

Cardinal Systems provides mapping software solutions for the handling of digital spatial data and is the developer and provider of the Vr Mapping software suite. Mapping today requires professionals to deliver vector, image, digital terrain modeling (DTM) and lidar data. Vr Mapping addresses many of the requirements encountered in handling the collection, editing and processing of this data.

Vr Mapping is flexible. Its capabilities range from traditional photogrammetry to lidargrammetry and from vector collection on top of lidar point clouds to close range applications used by NASA.

Cardinal’s flagship product, VrOne®, is a powerful vector/raster collection and editing system, with DTM, image, batch processing and translation abilities. Cardinal also offers VrTwo, a powerful softcopy stereo system that runs with the VrOne package. Features include full, real-time, interactive collection, editing and display of vector/raster data backed by over 190 mapping commands. All products enjoy the familiar Vr feel and require little training once familiar with VrOne.

With the introduction of VrLiDAR as the newest member of its Vr Mapping software suite, Cardinal Systems demonstrates a natural and pragmatic integration of point data into the mapping system. VrLiDAR features four environments in which to work with lidar data. One of the environments is 3D ViewPoint that offers stereo 3D vector collection from point clouds in real-time using user definable eye-point stereo without the use of imagery. Also supported is the extraction of vector data from image based stereo with lidar and lidargrammetry.

Cardinal’s mission is to continue its development of affordable software products that are simple to use while focusing on key technologies and features that help to streamline mapping production workflow. This is enhanced by a commitment to customer service from our team of skilled specialists dedicated to providing quality and timely responses to support requests.

Based in our training facility and corporate office in Flagler Beach, Florida, Cardinal continues to produce a suite of programs that blend with each other and perform the functions needed by the geospatial profession.

Dynamic Aviation

1402 Airport Road, Bridgewater, Virginia 22812
800-717-1806 • Fax 540-828-4031 • Contact: Steve Scates

Dynamic Aviation is uniquely qualified to provide aerial sensor platforms for airborne data acquisition projects worldwide.

Dynamic Aviation specializes in providing aircraft and aviation infrastructure to agencies and organization with exacting data needs, but lacking aviation expertise. We do not own aerial cameras or remote sensors. Our customers do. We offer versatile, superior aerial platforms into which these technologies can be installed to acquire data of all types. By allowing our customers to allocate their capital to technology – not aircraft – Dynamic Aviation makes it possible for our customers to operate more efficiently.

Our large fleet of King Airs, coupled with our aviation infrastructure, has enabled Dynamic Aviation to become theinternational leader in providing airborne data acquisition services. We specialize in low level remote sensing. Applications utilizing our aircraft are nearly unlimited. Our aerial platforms can be deployed to obtain LIDAR, multispectral and hyperspectral data. They may be used for aerial photography, magnetometry, radiometrics, and air sampling; as well as for aerial surveillance and maritime surveillance.

Our operations are focused on safety, reliability and relationships. We provide safe, multi-engine, turbine powered airplanes that are meticulously maintained. Our aviation infrastructure and modification center allows major upgrades and extensive modifications to be completed at our Bridgewater, VA complex. We carefully select and comprehensively train all of our pilots. We provide customer-focused, professional pilots who constantly endeavor to exceed the expectations of our customers. Each of these actions is intentional, and is integrated into the formation of long term relationships with customers. As a result, Dynamic Aviation is uniquely qualified to provide aerial sensor platforms for airborne data acquisition projects worldwide.


Ottergemsesteenweg 439/11 9000 Gent, Belgium
+32 9 335 05 15

Now, surveyors can remotely and safely measure large,
difficult-to-reach or dangerous areas.

With the commercialization of its drone only last year, Gatewing is already one of the leading companies in the design of unmanned aerial vehicles for mapping and surveying. Based on the revolutionary X100 lightweight aircraft, Gatewing built a remote sensing solution that consists of image acquisition field operation and fully automated image processing.

With the Gatewing X100, the gap between traditional terrestrial surveying and conventional photogrammetry has finally been filled. Now, surveyors can remotely and safely measure large, difficult-to-reach or dangerous areas. For photogrammetrists, smaller projects suddenly become highly cost-effective.

Image acquisition is conducted using the X100 – a light, unmanned aircraft with an on-board, high quality calibrated camera which captures images with a resolutionof 5 cm when flying at a default altitude of 150 m.
One of the strengths of the system is that flights are conducted in a fully automated manner, from launch to landing. Simply plan the area that needs to be scanned based on the easy-to-use softwarewizard, launch the device and let the X100 cover the pre-defined area. Through parallel sweeps the aircraft takes high- quality pictures with a high overlap.

For the creation of orthophotos or digital surface models, Gatewing offers StretchoutTM, a highly automated software package that converts your raw X100 image data set with just a couple of clicks. The quality of the results is outstanding! Razorsharp, no artefacts, intense colors, and above all the spatial accuracy which makes it a true surveying tool.

GeoCue Corporation

9668 Madison Blvd., Suite 202 Madison, AL 35758
256-461-8289 • Fax: 256-461-8249

QCoherent Software

1880 Office Club Pointe, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
719-386-6900 • Fax: 719-272-8051

GeoCue Corporation is a software development and consulting services company specializing in geospatial production management solutions. GeoCue production management products provide an integrated end-to-end processing framework that, when combined with industry leading production tools, significantly reduces production time from data acquisition to finished product. Please visit our website at for more information.

QCoherent is an innovative provider of high-capacity LIDAR software. Our extensive knowledge of LIDAR and geospatial software has been applied to LP360 and LIDAR Server for point cloud visualization and distribution. With unparalleled performance in point cloud processing, classification, extraction, and operating environment options, QCoherent is the provider of choice for LIDAR software. Free evaluation is available at

Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc.

Northeast Philadelphia Airport, Post Office Box #21059, Philadelphia, PA 19114-0559
215-677-3119 • Fax 215-464-2889
Contact: John Schmitt     

With eighteen survey aircraft, you have increased assurance that your project will be completed on time and receive the maximum benefit from limited weather or sun angle.

Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc. (KAS) specializes in providing high quality aerial photography and remote sensing surveys since 1963. KAS has flown millions of survey miles throughout North America, including Mexico and Canada. We have offices located in; Philadelphia, PA, Tyler, TX, Benson, AZ and Pacoima, CA. Our flight department has considerable experience collecting both Airborne GPS (ABGPS) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) along with airborne imagery at high and low altitudes in several formats including digital (RGB, NIR,  4-band) and film (color positive, color negative, color infrared, black and white).

KAS offers the GIS community experienced, professional crews equipped with high quality, state of the art equipment consisting of 4 Microsoft UltraCam large format digital sensors, 12 Metric film cameras (6”, 8.25” &  12” lens cones); 1 Optech Gemini LiDAR system @ 167 kHz, and 4 Applanix 510 POS/AV IMU System. With eighteen survey aircraft, you have increased assurance that your project will be completed on time and receive the maximum benefit from limited weather or sun angle.

Our photo lab provides color and B&W custom products from our extensive digital and film library. KAS offers scanning via 4 Leica DSW scanners and high resolution digital enlargements. KAS has also developed a web portal;, which provides customers access to KAS’ current digital imagery, historic film archive, and airborne magnetometer survey data. Built on the powerful Microsoft BING interface, KASView enables you to search for imagery by state, city, date, and imagery type. KASView also allows uploading of shapefiles to help identify applicable projects and automatically select the imagery that covers the area of interest.

Leica Geosystems

5051 Peachtree Corners Circle, Suite 250, Norcross, GA 30092
770-326-9500 • Fax 770-447-0710

Hexagon Geosystems’ newly formed Geospatial Solutions Division is bringing together Airborne Sensor solutions from Leica Geosystems and Z/I Imaging. With over 80 years experience, Leica Geosystems is a global leader in the design, delivery, and support of airborne digital and lidar sensors for the geospatial marketplace. Along with the well-known Leica RC30, Leica Geosystems’ airborne sensor portfolio today includes a wide range of innovative technologies and products such as the Leica RCD30 series of medium-format digital frame cameras, the Leica ADS pushbroom sensors, the Leica ALS LiDAR series, and the Leica IPAS GNSS/IMU solutions. For nearly the same 80 years, Zeiss and later Z/I Imaging have set standards in the airborne photogrammetric market with such products as the RMK series and the DMC.

Today, Z/I Imaging continues to drive innovation and productivity with the new DMC II range of digital mapping cameras. Sensors from Leica Geosystems and Z/I Imaging are fully integrated in a suite of end-to-end workflow solutions. These include flight planning, GNSS/IMU processing, as well as the most comprehensive post- processing tools for the delivery of map products and 3D models in the fastest time possible. Hexagon Geosystems’ combined airborne sensor portfolio of Leica Geosystems and Z/I sensors offers complete solutions for almost all airborne mapping applications, plus all business models, and continues to give each sensor owner the highest and most consistent return on investment. In addition to world-class sensors, Hexagon Geosystems offers a full range of product support, service, and training with offices located in over 25 countries worldwide.

Case Study: Midwest Aerial Selects Z/I DMC II 140 for Low-altitude, Engineering-grade Mapping

Merrick & Company

2450 S. Peoria Street, Aurora, CO 80014
Locations in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Canada, Mexico, Washington DC, and United Kingdom
303-751-2581 • Fax 303-751-2581

Merrick & Company’s full-service geospatial technologies services and solutions meet the data collection, mapping, documentation, and application needs of a variety of markets. Local, regional, national, and international clients include governmental agencies, power and utility companies, transportation districts, renewable energy firms, national security agencies, military intelligence and defense clients, and water resource agencies. The firm’s services include:
  • LiDAR (light detection and ranging)
  • Helicopter & fixed-wing aircraft acquisition
  • Hyperspectral imagery
  • Digital orthophotography
  • Photogrammetry
  • Multi-sensor data fusion
  • Surveying
  • Satellite imagery
  • MARS® software
  • Application development
  • Internet mapping


Gutenbergstrasse 86
57078 Siegen - Germany
+49 (0) 271 77 00 38 - 0

microdrones GmbH was founded in October 2005.  The founders had already been engaged with development of aerial vehicles for several years.  Products of microdrones GmbH are the most technologically advanced answer for safe and highly sophisticated operations in the field of aerial reconnaissance.

microdrones are rotary wing VTOL MAVs (VTOL = Vertical Take Off and Landing / MAV = Micro Aerial Vehicle) under 25kg mainly based on the principle of quadrocopters.  Equipped with high-resolution photo, video, thermo, or multispectral sensors, microdrones significantly simplify the work of geodesists and surveyors.

Microsoft Ultracam Product Group

(Vexcel Imaging Gmbh)

Anzengrubergasse 8, 8010 Graz Austria
303 546-1422 • Contact: Jerry Skaw

The Microsoft UltraCam Product Group offers state-of-the-art photogrammetric products based on the latest and most advanced technological developments. Our flagship product—the UltraCam photogrammetric digital aerial mapping camera—was first introduced in 2004 to offer customers an alternative to traditional film aerial technology. Since the launch of the first UltraCam model—the UltraCamD—we have continued to enhance the product, resulting in the releases of the UltraCamX, UltraCamXp, the UltraCamXp Wide Angle, the UltraCampLp, and the recently released next-generation UltraCam, the UltraCam Eagle. In working towards a more complete photogrammetric system, we offer the UltraMap workflow software. UltraMap provides a complete and integrated photogrammetric workflow for UltraCam images, scales for small to large system needs, and features distributed image processing with automated load balancing.

The UltraCam Product Group has become a leading provider of photogrammetric digital aerial cameras, thanks in part to our technological innovations and commitment to quality customer support. Products are offered worldwide through sales teams located in Graz, Austria, and Boulder, Colorado, backed by a support team with calibration labs in both locations. We also partner with organizations across the globe to provide worldwide sales and support for our products.

Our strengths lie in our technical and community know-how combined with our ability to tap into Microsoft innovations, a unique value proposition within the remote-sensing industry. It is this technology integration, in part, that enables our team to consistently offer state-of-the-art products at price points accessible to smaller organizations.

Case Study: Aerial Surveyor Captures Efficiency and Innovation with Digital Camera Upgrade

Midwest Aerial Photography 

7535 West Broad Street, Galloway, Ohio 43119
614-853-2902 • Contact: Ken Scruggs

For 23 years, Midwest Aerial Photography has focused on acquiring aerial imagery and photography of the highest quality to support photogrammetric mapping projects across the United States and Canada. Our goal is to meet the exacting data standards of your photo interpretation, GIS, remote sensing, orthophotography, and planimetric and topographic mapping projects.

With more than 100 years of personnel experience and a fleet of six aircraft, we have earned a reputation for reliability by collecting aerial imagery in tight acquisition windows and getting it right the first time. We take pride in managing complex airborne projects as a prime or subcontractor in both the public and private sectors. Our partners and clients include federal, state, and local government agencies as well as photogrammetric firms and architectural and engineering companies. We service our clientele with flight operations based in Ohio and from our remote facilities in North Carolina and Tennessee.

In 2011, Midwest Aerial became the only firm in the world to own two Z/I Imaging DMC II digital mapping cameras. The DMC II enables us to make our partners and clients more competitive in the marketplace. Combined with our four RMK TOP film cameras, the DMC IIs give us unparalleled capabilities to acquire imagery for photogrammetric mapping projects of any size, scale, or altitude.

When your mapping project requires precise imagery and reliable acquisition on a tight schedule, you need Midwest Aerial Photography on your team.

Case Study: Midwest Aerial Demonstrates Benefits of Digital Acquisition in Ottawa National Forest

Optech Incorporated

300 Interchange Way, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada L4K 5Z8
905-660-0808 • Fax: 905-660-0829

Lidar Imaging Solutions
Optech is the world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced laser and imaging survey instruments. With operations and staff worldwide, for over 35 years Optech has refined lidar technology to empower surveyors with fast, accurate, and cost effective solutions.

Airborne Survey
Optech’s Airborne Survey products excel in the efficient acquisition of high-accuracy spatial data over land
and water. Optech’s ALTMTM and CZMIL systems provide the competitive advantage that clients demand. Available in both application and platform dependent configurations, Optech ALTMs offer the greatest flexibility and efficiency available to the professional surveyor today—and with a complete line of fully integrated aerial imaging cameras. Whether it is a high-altitude wide-area mapping project, a low-altitude power line survey, or a small payload, low-power platform requirement, Optech delivers complete data collection solutions for a full range of application and installation scenarios.

CZMIL is an integrated lidar-imagery sensor system and software suite designed for the highly automated generation of physical and environmental information products for mapping the coastal zone. With its enlarged aperture receiver (4 times the size of previous sensors) and doubled spatial resolution, CZMIL accelerates data and product delivery and improves the quality of information derived from fused lidar and imagery data sets.

Optech’s airborne digital cameras, either standalone or integrated with a lidar, are wide-ranging: large- and mediumformat, patented True Forward Motion Compensation, and electro-optical, infrared and multispectral imaging systems. Ruggedized, high-precision metric imaging systems provide camera control, inertial navigation system integration, and image processing capabilities, enabling single and multisensor solutions that combine visible, multispectral and infrared modules into integrated payloads.

Mobile Survey
Optech’s Lynx Mobile MapperTM represents the next generation in the rapid collection of survey-grade 3D data. This revolutionary mobile mapping system integrates the latest innovations in lidar sensors with best-of-class imaging, navigation, and product warranty and support.

Terrestrial Survey
Optech’s ILRIS (Intelligent Laser Ranging and Imaging System) is a complete, fully portable, laser-based 3D  imaging and digitizing system for the commercial survey, engineering, mining, and industrial markets.

Case Study: Power Line Detection and Lidar Sensor Limits

Phase One Industrial

Roskildevvej 39
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
+45 36 13 11 23

Phase One Industrial is a division of Phase One A/S, the world's leading medium-format camera maker.  This division's dedicated R&D and manufacturing expertise is focused on providing high-value aerial photogrammetry solutions.

The Phase One Industrial team is committed to the development of iXA aerial camera systems and to providing close support to its customers.  With more than 20 years of experience in the field, the Phase Once Industrial team benefits from the experience garnered from the many successful aerial implementations that Phase One already provides to partners in the industry.

PCI Geomatics

50 West Wilmot Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 1M5

Celebrating 30 years of innovation, PCI Geomatics is a leader in geoimaging software products and solutions.  The company has been at the leading edge of the geo-image processing software industry, developing specialized algorithms and streamlined production workflows to turn raw imagery into useful information. PCI recently began looking into highspeed computing and developing automated and modular image processing solutions that would push beyond the accepted boundaries ofspeed and performance. In 2010, the company’s GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL) Aerial was developed in partnership with Vexcel Imaging to complement Vexcel’s UltraMap workflows for UltraCam aerial cameras. PCI has recently updated the GXL to include support for many of the most popular aerial formats flying today.

“The demand for high-quality, up-to-date imagery is driving huge growth in the aerial photography market,” said David Piekny, product manager with PCI Geomatics. “Adding support for multiple sensors in the GXL allows even more organizations access to this cost-effective way to produce high-quality output as quickly as possible.”

To play a significant role in the emerging high-speed computing industry as it relates to imagery, PCI has invested heavily in developing technology that is innovative, nimble, portable, scalable, automated, and most
of all optimized for highspeed performance. At the core of the GXL are proprietary algorithms that leverage multi-threaded processing and GPU-based acceleration to produce flawlessly color-balanced ortho-mosaics in record time.


7035 Grand National Drive, Suite 100
Orlando, Florida 32819

The key factor to RIEGL USA’s success is providing complete support and reliability to our customers. From your initial purchase, to integration of the system, as well as training and support, RIEGL USA stands out in the industry as a leader. RIEGL USA located in Orlando, FL, is the North American office for RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems, GmbH. With over 19 years of experience, RIEGL USA delivers quality airborne, mobile and stationary terrestrial laser scanning solutions.

RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems, GmbH, is headquartered in Horn, Austria. RIEGL has more than 33 years’ experience in the research, development and production of laser rangefinders, distance meters and scanners. RIEGL is dedicated to designing, developing, and producing the best possible laser sensors for the desired application in order to perfectly fulfill the given measurement tasks and therefore, fully satisfy the customers’ expectations worldwide.

RIEGL is recognized as the performance leader in the airborne scanning, mobile mapping, hydrographic, civil infrastructure, mining and terrestrial based industries. Our instruments are well known for their ruggedness and reliability under demanding environmental conditions. RIEGL’s various 3D scanners offer a wide array of performance characteristics and serve as a platform for continuing “Innovation in 3D” for the laser scanning industry.

SimActive, Inc.

465 St-Jean, Montreal (Quebec)
Suite 510
Canada H2Y 2R6

SimActive is the developer of Correlator3D software, a patented end-to-end photogrammetry solution for the generation of high-quality geospatial data from satellite and aerial imagery. Correlator3D produces dense digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM), orthomosaics and vectorized 3D features.

Utilizing the latest in advanced computer vision technology, SimActive developed patented algorithms for the generation of highly accurate dense DSMs. Featuring the world’s only GPU-powered DSM technology, Correlator3D supports rapid production of large datasets.

The DSM can then be used to extract a DTM. In this process, unique algorithms are used to automatically detect the ground and generate a bare earth model. Interactive monoscopic editing tools can then be used to further enhance the DTM.

Using the DTM as an input, Correlator3D handles the generation of thousands of orthophotos. True orthos can also be created. Fully automated seamline generation algorithms then stitch the orthophotos together to form a seamless mosaic. Advanced color balancing algorithms ensure radiometric integrity. 

To edit automatically generated seamlines, an interactive visual interface is  used with real-time updating of the final mosaic. This interface was designed to interact smoothly even with large datasets, saving users time with such operations as zooming and panning.

A further application of the DSM is found in extracting vectors. Correlator3D features an innovative semi-automatic approach for extracting 3D vectors in a highly intuitive 2D interface. Real-time feedback and analysis aids users as 3D vectors are created.

Correlator3D offers a complete photogrammetric workflow designed for large scale production environments. SimActive is committed to providing cutting-edge photogrammetry software through continuous research and development efforts. This is backed by exceptional customer support with quick, dependable responses from SimActive’s knowledgeable team.

Surveying and Mapping (SAM), Inc.

4801 Southwest Parkway, Parkway 2, Ste 100, Austin, TX 78735-8832
Locations in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City
512-447-0575 • Fax 512-326-3029 •

Surveying And Mapping, Inc. (SAM, Inc.) uses the latest technology to deliver precision mapping products to support client needs. As a leader in full-service geospatial solutions, SAM, Inc. offers in-house surveying; mobile, terrestrial and airborne LiDAR; photogrammetry; GIS; and engineering services. As one of the largest providers of geospatial data solutions, SAM, Inc. has the tools and skills to develop efficient and customized solutions for projects of any scale. With more than 400 employees and growing, the breadth and depth of our available workforce allows us to accomplish very large projects on accelerated schedules. Our extensive network, processing and resources offer scalability to ensure quality and timely delivery of products.

Airborne LiDAR
SAM, Inc. owns and operates a Trimble Harrier 68i Airborne Laser Scanner that can be deployed from either a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft. The Trimble Harrier 68i is the most advanced LiDAR scanning system on the market.

Mobile LiDAR
SAM, Inc. was an early adopter of Mobile LiDAR, an innovative mapping solution that incorporates advanced LiDAR sensors, cameras and position/navigation to collect survey-quality point data quickly and accurately. This non-invasive mapping system is ideal for civil engineering firms or government agencies managing rail, roadways, waterways, electric and design-build projects.

Photogrammetry & GIS
SAM, Inc.’s fully digital mapping department is led by a team of ASPRS-certified photogrammetrists supported by experienced technicians outfitted with the latest industry hardware and software technology. As an ESRI Authorized Business Partner, we provide complete turnkey GIS solutions.

Our professional land surveyors utilize the latest dual-frequency GPS surveying receivers, fully robotic total stations and tablet PC data collectors to provide a full range of surveying, construction staking, HDS laser scanning and mobile mapping services.

Engineering Services
Our engineering capabilities include a full range of construction phase services. We provide Subsurface Utility Engineering and Utility Coordination and use the latest sensing technologies for accurately mapping underground utilities. Our wholly-owned subsidiary, SAM-CS, Inc., provides services for construction inspection, contract administration, material quality, specifications and QA/QC management.

Surdex Corporation

520 Spirit of St. Louis Boulevard
Chesterfield, MO 63005
636-368-4400 • Fax 636-368-4401
Contact: Ed Turner

25622 Creston Meadow Dr.
Houston, TX 77406
281-232-4749 • Fax 281-232-4329
Contact: Randy Burkham

For more than half a century, Surdex’s talented staff of industry professionals has provided the experience and knowledge to serve a client base of federal, state and local governments, as well as private companies in the engineering, surveying, forestry, and oil and gas exploration and transmission industries.

Our full service photogrammetric production facility allows us to control every phase of the project, from acquisition with our fleet of six company-owned aircraft fitted with the latest in aerial photographic technology, including three Digital Mapping Cameras, five aerial film cameras, and a lidar sensor, through final product generation and delivery. Our end-to-end capabilities ensure product quality and performance. Our highly experienced in-house crew of FAA-certified aircraft mechanics allows us to meet our schedules by increasing aircraft flight time and productivity.

We utilize the science and art of photogrammetry to provide the fastest, most accurate mapping data for our clients. We have the resources to provide clients with high quality images for their mapping needs. Give us the opportunity to produce your next project.

Trimble Navigation Limited

10355 Westmoor Drive,  Suite 100
Westminster, CO 80021  USA
720-587-4905 • Fax: 720-587-4878 •

Trimble sees a growing convergence over the next 5–10 years among the fields of land survey, mapping and GIS, and aerial mapping as data processing and expertise are moving into the field. Driving this convergence is the ability to rapidly obtain accurate geospatial data from a variety of sources, including digital imaging,  scanning, and GNSS+inertial systems. Rapidly converting this data into answers is the key.

To meet this challenge, Trimble is focused on developing unique technology, solutions and services for the acquisition and exploitation of geospatial data. Trimble’s solutions streamline the capture and maintenance of high-accuracy asbuilt models from the planning phase, through design and construction, to the subsequent maintenance phase— delivering significant improvements in productivity. This same capability enables the creation of baseline models and post-event updates for emergency rapid response, disaster management, and security applications.

Trimble provides hardware and software for aerial and land mobile mapping, including ruggedized aerial metric cameras and complete turn-key camera/laser scanner systems for airplanes,helicopters, trucks, boats, and other manned and unmanned vehicles. Trimble’s software provides complete workflows for extracting answers rapidly. The addition of eCognition image analysis software to Trimble’s portfolio of solutions empowers you to develop unique solutions for virtually any geospatial application.

For more information, visit or join the community at

Valley Air Photos

5001 Aviation Way, Caldwell, Idaho 83605
208-454-1344 • Fax: 208-454-1345
Cathy Graville, Owner

Our mission is to incorporate the latest technology with expertise to meet your project requirements.

Valley Air Photos is a 100% woman- owned small business. We specialize in high accuracy, vertical aerial photography and data acquisition throughout the United States and Canada. Our full service photo lab and hangar are located on the Caldwell Industrial Airport 20 miles west of Boise, Idaho. Our missionfor more than 25 years. We operate two Cessna 320 aircraft equipped for digital and film acquisition as well as a Beechcraft Bonanza capable of film and lidar collection.

All aircraft are equipped with Zeiss T-AS gyro stabilized mounts and ABGPS capability. Over the last two years operating an Ultracam system, we have collected and processed in excess of 100,000 images. Beginning in 2012 we will be adding a second Vexcel Ultracam X digital camera to better serve our customers. Each camera is paired with an Applanix POS/AV 510 IMU for collecting ABGPS data. In addition, we have a full service photo lab with on-site film processing, scanning, printing, and enlargements. We also offer historical coverage of Idaho and surrounding states to support a variety of research projects. With more than 25 years experience, Valley Air Photos is prepared to meet the highest industry standards for any size project.

VisionMap LLC

20-B East Main Street, Suite 4, Berryville, VA 22611
540-955-1029 •
Contact: Tim Leary, VP Business Development

VisionMap LLC is a U.S. subsidiary of VisionMap LTD., a leading provider of state-of-the-art mapping systems. The company’s A3 system is a coupled camera and ground processing system that covers extremely large-scale areas and provides accurate high resolution imagery in RGB and NIR bands. 

A3’s coverage of 60,000 pixels across track is unmatched by any other camera, and it typically acquires  thousands of square miles of images per day. The system’s design allows for flexible operation at altitudes between 3,000 and 30,000 feet (1.5 inch to 1 foot GSD). The A3 LightSpeed processing system turns around raw data quickly, processing thousands of square miles daily. A3’s output products include aerial triangulation, DSM, orthophoto mosaic, and stereo models.

VisionMap’s systems reduce operator costs, enable rapid completion of statewide projects, and increase mapping and surveying project efficiency. VisionMap’s systems are used by two leading U.S. mapping companies, and an additional 20 systems operate worldwide.

Typical applications include NAIP projects, visibility mapping, and high resolution orthophotos. The flexible A3 camera may be installed on a very wide variety of platforms. A3 LightSpeed can process outputs without controls or DGPS stations for reduced cost and faster turnaround time for rapid response applications.

VisionMap LLC is proud to provide full service support and timely maintenance services to customers in the United States, Canada, and Latin America markets. For more information please contact

Case Study: A3 System for NAIP Projects—Typical Scenarios

Wilson & Company

4900 Lang Avenue, NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87199
Locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah • 800-254-5345

Ryan Branfort 785-820-2652
Eric Cenovich 816-556-3636
C. Scott Croshaw 505-348-4035
Scott R. Perkins 816-701-3109

Our firm is your #1 choice for surveying and mapping project in air, on land, and below water.

Wilson & Company provides comprehensive survey, geospatial, and remote sensing services to meet our clients’ needs. We are licensed to survey in 21 states and have more than 20 fully equipped crews (including three Certified Federal Surveyors) that are outfitted with the latest technology to handle all terrain and weather conditions. We also provide complete hydrographic surveying to map underwater conditions for design and construction. Our geospatial extraction team uses digital photogrammetric workstations for the collection of planimetric and topographic features. Items commonly incorporated into our photogrammetric data include field survey data, existing photogrammetric mapping, terrestrial LiDAR data, and airborne LiDAR data.

Our Certified Photogrammetrists are highly skilled in merging these complex datasets into a final format. Our remote sensing team provides aerial photography in a direct digital format utilizing our Zeiss/Intergraph Digital Mapping Camera. We acquire airborne lidar data with the advanced Optech ALTM Gemini 167kHz sensor.
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