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For over 30 years we have prided ourselves on listening to both our subscribers and our valued advertisers so we can constantly adapt ourselves to the surveying and mapping industry’s needs.

Professional Surveyor Magazine has evolved with the ever-changing marketplace.  We reach out to the burgeoning population of young surveyors as well as to our veteran readers who have been enjoying Professional Surveyor Magazine for the last quarter century.
We pride ourselves in presenting all sides of controversial, cutting-edge issues.  Our readers appreciate that we do not hide behind the same old stories and that we provide a modern, informative magazine that’s also entertaining.  Our magazine is now read by both surveyors and non-surveyors alike.

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"Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list. Professional Surveyor Magazine is an excellent publication.  I
enjoy it very much."  —Donald O'Boyle   

"We very much enjoy Professional Surveyor Magazine.  We would like to continue receiving it at our new address."  —Shantel Keigley

"I enjoy the PSM very much!"   —Warren C. Thompson

"Although I am retired, I still enjoy reading Professional Surveyor Magazine"   —Fred Hughes

"A good read.  Thanks!"   —Emily Blount
"I enjoy Professional Surveyor Magazine for the information that it gives you about what's happening in the world." —Bob Mendoza
"Thanks for the awesome magazine!" —Jason White
"Thank you for a truly professional and enjoyable magazine. Of the several periodicals I receive, Professional Surveyor is the one I enjoy reading the most. The articles are readable and relative. Not only to the ever advancing methods and means of surveying but also to the historical and smaller firm applications. Thanks again and please keep up the good work." —Steven A. Tremblay

"I would like to congratulate you on your magazine.  I really enjoy its contents and I feel more confident seeing that even on the other side of the ocean the surveyors confront the same difficulties as in my country"  —Thanos Ntelonis

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